Eurosatory 2014

Peer through the darkness (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

The PAGOT thermal device from Optix of Bulgaria (Hall 6, Stand K372) is ideal for special operations, military and law enforcement applications, thanks to its ability to deliver crisp surveillance imagery. It is compatible with a wide range of assault rifles and light machine guns. PAGOT relies on proven advanced microbolometer technology mounted in a highly durable anti-reflective coated housing to withstand rugged military activity.

The dedicated black hot/ white hot toggle button enables the operator to detect more detail depending on the contrast temperature of the scene being observed. A snapshot option is also available to store an image in PAGOT’s internal memory. The advanced brightness control allows adjustment of the display luminance according to the environmental illumination. Remote operation is also possible for external viewing or recording through PAGOT’s video output port and serial communication interface.

Optix also offers the Z-IR 60 clip-on thermal device, which can be handheld or mounted on a weapon for observation, target detection or passive target acquisition. It operates during day or night in various environmental conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke and total darkness. Designed to mount directly in line with standard day optical sights, there is no need to remove the day sight, and importantly, no re-zeroing of the rifle is necessary.

The primary sight remains undisturbed no matter how many times the clip-on is mounted.

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