Eurosatory 2014

Trans-Atlantic teaming

19 June 2014

US company Allison Transmission (Hall 5, Stand C460) has teamed with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) of Europe to supply its Allison 4500 SP fully automatic transmission for the TGS-Mil truck.

The Allison 4500 automatic transmission will be offered in the complete family of TGS-Mil 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 trucks, which can be fitted with various bodies according to end users’ specific requirements.

The six-speed Allison 4500 automatic transmission is equipped with a torque converter, which multiplies engine torque during starting and acceleration for better performance and easier manoeuvring, even at very low speeds.

The RMMV TGS-Mil trucks have gross vehicle weights of between 18 and 41 tonnes and are powered by the MAN D2676 family of common rail diesel engines, which have a maximum output of up to 397kW (540hp) at 2,500Nm.

Allison is also a key provider of automatic transmissions for tracked armoured vehicles. Its X200 automatic transmission is designed for medium tracked vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 18 tonnes and coupled to an engine with a rating of up to 400hp (298kW).

The Allison 3000 automatic transmission is designed for medium-duty vehicles and is marketed with close or wide ratio gearing and coupled to an engine with a maximum rating of 336kW (450hp).

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