Eurosatory 2014

Run-flat tyres for large vehicles (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

Some of the world’s largest military tyres, including those for self-propelled artillery vehicles and AFVs, can now be fitted with run-flats, according to UK-based Tyron Runflat Limited (Hall 5, Stand K617).

The company is displaying its patented multipiece Tyron Military ATR run-flat on a 20x10 bolt-together alloy wheel.

According to chief executive Richard Glazebrook, the ATR run-flat is fitted without any special tools. “Getting a run-flat in one piece into a large wheel was proving increasingly difficult, requiring special hydraulic equipment,” Glazebrook explained. “Our approach has been to design the ATR for a mechanic to change the tyre using standard tools at the side of the road.”

The segments of the ATR are installed inside the tyre and locked together using a bolt on the rim. Tests have shown the beadlock keeps it firmly in place, which prevents the tyre from moving. This enabled the speeding vehicle to remain stable for a considerable distance, despite one or all tyres suddenly deflating due to an explosive blast or direct fire.

Tyron undertook all tests at the vehicle’s maximum gross weight, attacking the ATR ballistically, especially in the area where the parts were bolted together. The results proved that the ATR maintained its integrity.

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