Eurosatory 2014

The sting in the smoke (ES14E4)

18 June 2014

USA-based Combined Systems Inc (CSI) (Hall 5, Stand DC573) came to Eurosatory with a range of new products, some of which form part of the live demonstrations here.

Its Venom MC launcher, mounted on a crowd-control vehicle, is a multicalibre nonlethal grenade launching system with electronic fire control and a rapid reload cassette system. It is interchangeably used on tripod mounts, commonly remotely operated weapon stations and static installations.

Venom delivers various payload grenades of different calibres, all from the same launcher. These payloads range from non-lethal flash and sound distraction, smoke and irritant to blunt trauma.

CSI also enhanced its CTS aerosol defence product line with the Omni-Stream and a rechargeable version of the MK-46 horizontal dispenser.

Omni-Stream delivers an efficient stream at any angle, even upside down, thanks to the barrier separation between the liquid and compressed air. Field recharging CSI’s new MK-46 aerosol involves no more than refilling the tank, resetting the nozzle head and threading a cartridge into the receiver. Safer to use, it extends a stream for more than 12m.

Also newly launched among CSI’s less-lethal noise flash diversion products are CTS multibangs, low-roll ‘doublebang’ and the extended-effect three-, six-, seven- and ninebang devices.

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