Eurosatory 2014

GILA targets Tiger (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

As part of its air-launched missile range, Diehl Defence is displaying its GILA (Guided Intelligent Light Armament) laser-guided 70mm rocket, which it is co-developing with Elbit Systems. The weapon positions Diehl for an expected German army requirement for a light precision weapon to arm the Airbus Helicopters Tiger attack helicopter.

Diehl (Hall 6, Stand H571) expects funds to become available to formally launch the programme in 2016. If GILA is selected for the Tiger requirement, the guidance control section will be made in Germany and final assembly will be undertaken in country. GILA is based on the Elbit/ ATK GATR (Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket) laser-guided rocket, offering an 8km range and multipurpose penetrator warhead. GATR has been proven in combat and evaluated by US Special Operations Command. It has been cleared for use on several helicopters.

GILA/GATR requires no changes to be fired from a 70mm rocket launcher in lock-on after launch mode. To add lock-on before launch capability, some integration work is required. Further integration is needed to give full ‘smart launcher’ capability, which allows functions such as fuze and laser code programming from the cockpit.

Diehl is also showing a model of its LaGS (laser-guided Sidewinder) proposal. This replaces the infrared seeker of the AIM-9L with an semi-active laser guidance package.

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