Eurosatory 2014

At the sharp end of technology (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

Countering cyber threats in the military is as much a key priority as in the civilian environment – probably more so. Cyber security, solutions and research are three focus areas for Switzerland’s RUAG (Hall 5, Stand J850 and Hall 6, Stand J201).

RUAG Defence’s Traffic Analyser and Traffic Visualiser work together to help forecast, detect and mitigate threats. The company’s specialists co-operate with universities and governmental organisations to close gaps and to bring customers the required technology as quickly as possible.

Perhaps equally important is reliable and flexible tactical communication. RUAG’s experts use the Tactical openAccess platform to connect HQs with dispersed units through a secure all-IP network. The distributed telephony system, essentially tactical telephony services (TTEL), enables users to be individually reachable with the same number wherever they physically may be in the network.

Given the international defence community’s increasing reliance on joint training, RUAG offers live training solutions ranging from individual soldiers to complex mobile operations in urban terrain (MOUT). The man-worn Gladiator unit – with a helmet, integrated harness and laser – enables fire and movement training from individual soldiers up to a whole brigade. The company’s MOUT facility near Walenstadt, Switzerland, is built around ‘Aeuli’, a mock town of 23 buildings with more than 1,000 devices installed. During the course of training the status of doors, windows and staircases may change, creating a lifelike situation for trainees to deal with, and thus improving the effectiveness of their training.

In the area of robotics, RUAG’s retrofitable VERO system enhances UGV capabilities to perform with supervised autonomy. Field tests in May showed the vehicle equipped with cameras and sensors, backed by RUAG’s software, successfully learning a route and avoiding obstacles, while the operator was always “in the loop” to intervene where necessary. VERO offers the highest level of supervised autonomy available today.

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