Eurosatory 2014

Boxer tested with AGM (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Outside Stand E211) has confirmed to the Eurosatory Daily that the ARTEC Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV) has recently been fitted with its 155mm Artillery Gun Module (AGM), with initial firing trials scheduled to take place at the Meppen firing range later this year.

The AGM is a remote-controlled turret armed with the 155mm/ 52 calibre ordnance that is fitted to the combat-proven Krauss- Maffei Wegmann PzH 2000 tracked self-propelled artillery system deployed by Germany, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands and on order for Qatar.

The AGM is provided with 30 155mm projectiles and 145 modular charges, with six modules used for maximum range. The latter depends on the type of projectile, but a range of more than 40km can be achieved firing an unassisted projectile.

The projectiles and associated charges are loaded automatically, and the weapon is aimed and fired by remote control from the safety of the cab. A rate of fire of up to eight rounds a minute can be achieved. Time into and out of action is currently being quoted as just 30 seconds, meaning that the system cannot be engaged by counter-battery fire.

The AGM was originally successfully tested on a surplus Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) tracked chassis. This was followed by the Donar, which is the AGM integrated onto a new tracked hull developed by General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Barbara Sistemas. The AGM could potentially also be integrated on other wheeled chassis or used in the static role for forward operating base defence.

Boxer is in production for Germany and the Netherlands. Eurosatory Daily sources have indicated that a number of export customers are interested in the Boxer for a wider range of missions, which could include the AGM version.

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