Eurosatory 2014

Stamp of approval (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

The latest in Israeli company Controp’s stabilised miniature payloads (STAMP) family is the micro-STAMP, now in the final stages of development (Hall 6, Stand C487).

Weighing only about 250g and less than 9cm high, the three-gimballed gyro-stabilised M-STAMP is ideal for SUAVs (small unmanned aerial vehicles). It provides for a dual field-of-view uncooled IR camera and day camera, while an optional continuous optical zoom will have a minimal impact on the weight. It features inertial navigation system on line of sight and an optional video tracker.

Controp is showing an operating M-STAMP on its stand. The lightweight multisensor payload for SUAVs and small aircraft weighs 1.3kg and features a CCD with continuous zoom lens, uncooled IR camera and laser pointer. It is the only EO/IR payload for Israel’s SUAV Sky Rider programme. A sister company, Aeronautics Ltd, is displaying the Controp M-STAMP on its Orbiter 2 small tactical unmanned aerial system (STUAS).

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