Eurosatory 2014

Dismounted operator gets PREFIX (ES14E4)

19 June 2014

Chemring Technology Solutions (Hall 5, Stand K447) has announced the launch of its PREFIX wideband electronic warfare survey system.

With an eye on giving the dismounted operator immediate situational awareness, the PREFIX automatically classifies electronic signals to detect threats and direction find (DF) in real time. This enables the operator to quickly interpret the electronic picture, prioritise signals of interest and automatically geo-locate and track on a map. According to the company, even low probability of intercept signals, such as frequency hoppers and short duration signals, can be geo-located using the historic position fix data.

With PREFIX integrated into Chemring’s RESOLVE manpack, which in turn is fitted to a vehicle, the operator can get running-fix geo-location solutions, which is important in complex urban areas.

“It offers the next step in being able to counter the next generation of threats – as opposed to simply addressing current in-theatre environments,” said Gavin O’Connell, business sector manager at the company.

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