Eurosatory 2014

Trophy-LV is ready to protect (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

Rafael has completed tests of its Trophy-LV active protection system for light military vehicles.

The final round of on-the-move trials was conducted at the end of last year and Rafael (Hall 6, Stand E758) is ready for production.

Trophy-LV was developed to answer a perceived need for greater protection for light vehicles, ranging from 4x4s up to infantry fighting vehicles. The system can be easily adapted to a range of platforms and draws on technology developed and proven in the Trophy-HV system for heavy vehicles. The LV system is designed primarily for protection against short-range threats, as might be encountered in urban areas, with the RPG-29 tandem warhead weapon as the benchmark threat.

Carried on an easily integrated roof rack assembly, Trophy-LV has radar and electro-optical sensors to rapidly detect and assess tracks of incoming rounds. The rack overhangs the sides and projects an electro-optical ‘screen’ around the vehicle. When the projectile enters the screen, a downward-firing charge is fired to defeat the threat. As the charge fires downwards, the danger area is confined to a small area – an important consideration in minimising collateral damage.

Operationally proven on the Israeli Merkava Mk 4 tank since 2010, the large-vehicle Trophy-HV system has recently been rigorously tested by General Dynamics Land Systems on the LAV III vehicle. The system successfully underwent firing trials against a range of threats, including RPGs, anti-tank guided missiles and recoilless rifles. Trials included tandem warheads, top attacks and on-the-move tests.

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