Eurosatory 2014

Laser Excalibur tested (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

Raytheon has successfully tested the Excalibur S for the first time.

This munition is a dual-mode version of the Excalibur Ib, a GPS-guided projectile fired from 155mm artillery that has been successfully employed in combat.

Precision capability has been increased with the Excalibur S, which adds a laser spot tracker to the guidance package, allowing the round to be used against moving targets designated by third parties. The test firing validated the handover from initial GPS guidance to laser designation for the terminal phase, as well as proving the gunhard nature of the spot tracker.

Raytheon (Hall 5, Stand A572) and Excalibur partner BAE Systems Bofors have also developed a naval variant, Excalibur N5.

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