Eurosatory 2014

Lightweight netted armour (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

Bridport is displaying its latest Tarian armour system, which it claims is the lightest anti-RPG armour available. Tarian is a netted solution that is dramatically lighter than traditional bar or slat armour; its low weight allows it to be fitted to a wide range of vehicles. In turn, Tarian can extend protection against RPG attack down to small 4x4s that would not be able to accommodate heavier armour.

Developed in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence, Tarian uses a mesh of high-tenacity fibre textiles. It is suspended from a robust and flexible support system designed to maximise protection while minimising susceptibility to damage. An important facet of Tarian is that it does not require tension in the net to maintain its protective qualities.

Tarian armour has been rigorously tested by the UK DSTL and the USA’s DARPA, and also in France, verifying the high level of protection offered, including multihit resistance.

More than 750 shots have been fired in the course of these trials.

Earlier this year, AmSafe Bridport (Hall 5, Stand J404) completed the supply of Tarian systems to the UK MoD after being awarded a contract in 2013. Many of the systems were fitted to vehicles serving in Afghanistan. The company has built relationships with a number of vehicle manufacturers, such as FNSS and ST Kinetics, to offer Tarian as original equipment or as a retrofit.

Tarian is being shown here on three vehicles: Nexter Leclerc MBT, FFG Wisent 2 recovery/ support vehicle, and Renault Trucks Sherpa Light Scout 4x4.

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