Eurosatory 2014

Clearing a swathe (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

MineWolf Systems, the German mine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) expert, has introduced a new counter- IED robotic arm to expand the capabilities of its MW50 Micro MineWolf remote-controlled platform. The new system is on show here at Eurosatory alongside some of the company’s other products (Hall 6, Stand J571).

MineWolf produces a range of four remote-controlled platforms of different sizes, from the large MineWolf down to the Micro MineWolf. Each platform can mount a number of attachments for specific tasks, such as flails, buckets, dozer blades and forklifts. The new robotic arm for the Micro MineWolf is intended primarily for use in the remote clearance of IEDs (improvised explosive devices), EOD and PSSM (physical security and stockpile management) operations.

Detailed tasks include accessing and excavating buried IEDs, inspecting IEDs in culverts and other hard-to-access locations, moving IEDs and unexploded ordnance, breaking down barriers and entering collapsed munition depots to inspect and move ordnance. The Micro MineWolf already has a tiller mine clearance attachment and a vegetation cutter. Another new option for the MineWolf range is a runway clearance attachment for the MW240 Mini MineWolf. The system was tested in April, and is shortly to enter service with a major air force. It clears submunitions from paved surfaces such as runways and taxiways, collecting them for safe disposal.

The three-section device unfolds to clear a swathe of 5.7m width. For this application, the Mini MineWolf can be fitted with rubber tracks to avoid damaging the surface.

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