Eurosatory 2014

Have an all-round peek (ES14E3)

18 June 2014

For military forces and homeland security it would be very useful to have total situational awareness through a full 360° view. Scopustech has just launched its ‘360in1’ spherical vision system (Hall 6, Stand D652).

A high-speed rotating image generator camera captures numerous images from different angles per rotation to create the spherical vision. Smart algorithms combine the database of still images into an undistorted spherical movie with a horizontal field of view (FOV) of 360° and a vertical FOV of up to 70°.

Built on a flexible architecture and three core modules – image generation, processing and rendering – the 360in1 system allows individual control by different users, eg view angle, size, zoom, recording, pause, resume. It also displays on individual monitors, video walls, virtual-reality headsets or can be integrated easily with C2 systems.

Head of business development Ahim Kandler said: “It is a valuable pair of eyes to secure a perimeter around vehicles, vessels and assets, or for complete close-to medium-range surveillance.” Its application extends to law enforcement and security at facilities such as airports.

Able to operate continuously on moving or stationary platforms, it can be integrated on vehicles, patrol vessels, towers, offshore platforms, airships, helicopters, and unmanned vehicles.

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