Eurosatory 2014

Upgraded Squire on show (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

Thales has introduced a new version of its Squire manportable ground surveillance radar and is showing it for the first time at Eurosatory.

Although it looks virtually the same as the old version on the outside, the new radar features a host of improvements that increase performance and make it easier to employ.

The new version becomes the standard production model, while the improvements are available as a mid-life upgrade for the 400 current versions in service.

Retaining the same tripod, basic antenna structure and battery pack of the original version, the new Squire adds an integrated panoramic infrared camera centred on the radar face. This facilitates radar set-up and provides additional detection capabilities. It is particularly useful against static or slow-moving targets that the radar may not detect.

Thales (Outside, Chalet A690) has designed a new human- 8 machine interface that simplifies control and display options for both the radar and infrared.

Icon-based symbology and larger virtual buttons make the system more intuitive to handle and operate, allowing it to be used by operators with only rudimentary training.

Data processing is handled by a graphical processing unit in the radar unit in place of the earlier digital signal processor. The result is a halving of start-up time and increased radar sensitivity, the latter allowing mini-UAVs to be detected.

Range against human-sized targets is increased by 30 per cent to 13km. The upgraded Squire also has two lithiumion batteries that increase continuous operation endurance from 16 to 24 hours.

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