Eurosatory 2014

Keep pirates at bay (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

In recent years, the scourge of piracy has very much focused the minds of maritime security and industry. Estonia’s Mentorplast, part of the larger Vesimentor company (Hall 6, Stand K76), has come up with a novel solution: rotating floats towed behind cargo vessels.

Looking like oversized can opener blades arranged around a lifeguard’s float, the Sea Safe E1 polyethylene plastic cylinder is designed to keep the enemy at bay. A chain of floats towed behind a ship would rapidly move away from the vessel and start rotating as the ship sails forward. At 20 knots, the float already rotates at 200 revolutions per minute, posing a serious danger to anyone intent on approaching the ship.

Vesimentor’s product range includes 45 different products, including an innovative mobile bomb shelter that will endure extreme temperatures. Accessories include filtration, ablutions and medical facilities.

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