Eurosatory 2014

Lighting up the dark (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

Dubbed ClipIR, the concept of fused night vision is being demonstrated by Thermoteknix in a specially built Night Tunnel on Stand K551 in Hall 6. The company has concluded that fused I2 and thermal technology is ideal for such scenarios as dusk-to-night, heavy cloud, forest/jungle and inside buildings, as well as well-lit night-time urban environments when over amplification of light sources (such as vehicle headlamps) will cause I2 devices to fail.

ClipIR attaches to night vision image intensifiers to combine thermal imaging with image intensification, thus providing fused vision in low light and complete darkness.

Fused night vision technology is said to be the new standard for both civil and military operations, to give a 24-hour capability, and the Night Tunnel on the Thermoteknix stand enables visitors to see this for themselves.

The MIL SPEC ClipIR produced by the company is claimed to be unique in its 40° field of view, which matches that of the I2 for maximum situational awareness in all conditions. It is available in a range of brackets to fit most industry standard monocular and binocular night vision devices, including PVS-7, PVS-14 and PVS-15.

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