Eurosatory 2014

Cold, fresh and pure (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

The French Army’s new VBCI vehicles will be equipped with the Water-Gen GEN-40V atmospheric water generation system and WTU water treatment units. The Israeli company has also announced the selection of its SPRING mobile purification system by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Home Front Command. All three systems are being presented on Stand C468 in Hall 6.

The vehicle-mounted GEN‑40V extracts water from air and supplies cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the crew. Units are scaled to fit military vehicles, and can be produced in different shapes. The GEN-40V produces 40 litres/day at 25°C and 55 per cent relative humidity. The WTU harvests the water produced by A/C systems and purifies it to achieve high-quality drinking water.

The back-carried, battery-operated SPRING system uses a specially designed multi-barrier filtration method to purify severe chemical and microbiological contaminations, including pesticides, cyanide, and the entire range of bacteria and viruses. Weighing only 12kg, it can filter 180 litres per single standard communication battery.

According to many global military standards, a soldier must be provided with an average per day water supply of 10 litres. In addition, three days of logistic independence is required for all new combat infantry carrier vehicles, which carry an average of 10 soldiers. To comply with these standards, vehicles are required to carry a staggering 300-litre supply of water – a quantity that cannot be stored using common water containers. Water-Gen’s approach enables the production and supply of water in the required quantities, while taking minimum space in the vehicle.

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