Eurosatory 2014

Mastering the hover (ES14E2)

17 June 2014

The HoverMast-100 from Sky Sapience (Hall 6, Stand D591) is said to be the only mobile, tethered hovering platform available in the world.

Launched from most small service vehicles – such as pick-ups, UGVs, boats and USVs – the HoverMast is ideal for military, homeland security and civilian security missions. Able to host a wide range of payloads of up to 6kg including CCD/IR cameras, radars, laser designators, relays, cellular antennas and hyperspectral sensors, the HM-100 enables passive, stabilised observation and tracking in real time, day or night and in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, it can receive COMINT and ELINT.

The HoverMast system is comprised of an aerial platform secured to the base unit via a cable which serves as a power supply and datalink, base unit, and external power source, all of which are compact and lightweight. It hovers 50m above the host vehicle with the help of two main rotors that produce its main thrust and four smaller side rotors, used for guidance and additional thrust. A silenced generator powers the system, enabling 24/7 operation. As it is tethered, it is not bound by any of the air control regulations that bind standard unmanned vehicles.

Sky Sapience, with the HoverMast-100, has been selected as the sole developer of tethered, hovering technology by the Israeli MoD and the US DoD and has been chosen by leading forces in the US, Asia and Israel.

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