Eurosatory 2014

Eurosatory 2014: Saab to integrate new projectile variants for disposable shoulder-launched rocket system

11 June 2014
Saab is to integrate two new projectile variants for its AT4 84mm disposable shoulder-launched rocket system

Saab is in the final stages of integrating two new projectile variants for its AT4 84mm disposable shoulder-launched rocket system. The new variants significantly expand the versatility of the weapon system, which has made the AT4 the market-leader in its class, with sales to more than 15 countries. The new versions will be ready for production next year, and are part of the company’s bid to answer the French army’s Roquette Nouvelle Génération requirement, for which it is partnered with Nexter Munitions.

Drawing on technology from the proven Carl-Gustaf reusable weapon, the AT4 was developed as a disposable equivalent.

The latest addition in weapon options brings yet further capabilities from the reusable weapon family to the disposable one, and brings company-level firepower capability to the squad level. The additional capabilities complement the existing round options for the AT4, in turn expanding the operational engagement envelope for the family as a whole and permitting the employment of new sets of operational tactics.

Both new developments are based on the AT4CS, which can be fired from confined spaces thanks to an innovative water mass that slows and baffles the pressure wave from the firing. The new AT4CS ER version takes the anti-armour version with HEAT warhead and extends its range from 300m to 600m.

The second development is the AT4CS HE, a high-explosive antipersonnel weapon with an effective range of up to 1,000m. This weapon can be fired in impact or airburst modes, which can be selected by the operator prior to launch.

Existing versions of the AT4CS are the AT4CS HP (high penetration), AT4CS RS (reduced sensitivity) and the AT4CS AST (anti-structure) weapon with tandem warhead. All versions use the same disposable launcher, which has a simple-touse flip-up sight or can be fitted with a rangefinder and a red dot sight compatible with night-vision equipment.

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