Eurosatory 2014

New eyes for the Leopard (ES14E1)

16 June 2014

Leopard 2 main battle tanks in Germany, Canada and Denmark are soon to have new gunner and commander sights, supplied by Cassidian Optronics GmbH (Outside Stand C253), a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space. The deal, worth more than €15 million, involves the Cassidian Optronics ATTICA third-generation thermal imaging device, along with additional sensors and system components.

To further standardise the configuration of the Leopard tanks used by NATO nations, the ATTICA installed as standard in the PERI R17 commander’s sight in Germany will also become standard in the gunner’s sight, in addition to commanders’ sights for Canada and Denmark.

According to the company, the 100 Leopard 2 tanks thus modernised will reconnoitre, identify and tag targets at much greater distances and under limited visibility.

Typically, a commander can pass on information to the gunner and continue to acquire further targets, thus separating target recognition from target engagement to optimise reactions. The philosophy underlying Cassidian Optronics’ offering is a clearer situational picture by means of better quality images.

Cassidian Optronics, with facilities in Germany and South Africa, develops and manufactures optical and optronic products for military ground, sea and air systems, in border surveillance and security and for non-military hightech systems, as well as for the aerospace sector.

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