Eurosatory 2014

Customer feedback produces latest LMV (ES14E1)

16 June 2014

Iveco Defence Vehicles (Outdoor Stand D501) is showing the latest fourth-generation Light Multipurpose Vehicle (LMV) for which the Norwegian Army is the launch customer, having ordered 62 vehicles in early 2013.

First deliveries are due later this year and in the shorter term, this will be the basis for all future production models of the LMV.

This latest contract will bring the Norwegian Army LMV fleet up to 170 units and includes an integrated logistic support (ILS) package for all vehicles delivered.

The fourth-generation LMV takes into account feedback from the ten customers of the LMV who have deployed the vehicle on operations in many parts of the world. It has a number of new features, including an engine air filtration and cooling package that allows the vehicle to operate in high ambient temperatures.

According to Iveco Defence Vehicles, the installation of the new driveline with a new fully automatic transmission, upgraded suspension system and tyres with improved traction ensures the vehicle has a high level of cross-country mobility. These mobility upgrades can also be fitted to currently fielded LMVs to improve their capability.

Wherever possible, weight has been taken out of the LMV, which has allowed the payload to be increased by some 40 per cent to 1.5 tonnes, depending on the configuration. The internal rollbars have been removed to provide greater legroom and the internal cab height has been increased by 100mm to provide greater internal volume. The roof has been replaced by a ballistic steel monocoque framework with a lightweight steel rollbar which can be fitted with a remote weapon station (RWS) or a protected weapon station (PWS) in the field.

Some of the subsystems have been relocated for ease of maintenance and the installation of a health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) will reduce the maintenance burden and through-life costs.

The installation of electrical equipment fully compliant with the latest electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive places the fourth-generation LMV as a reference point, according to the company. This potential allows easier installation of government-furnished equipment such as RWS, communications equipment and electronic devices to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as making easier vehicle upgrades in the future as new subsystems become available.

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