Eurosatory 2014

Small and sophisticated (ES14E1)

16 June 2014

A small-footprint, fully robotic Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for helicopters is being launched by Duke Airborne Systems on Stand ED663 in Hall 6. Claimed to be the first of its kind, the new system enables utility helicopters to fly missions while under threat without the need to be accompanied by attack helicopters, and without the addition of a dedicated operator.

Duke’s RWS has a 360° firing capability and a sophisticated built-in vision system, occupying only a third of the cargo space near the door. The RWS meets balance requirements and weight limitations, including a set of weights that enables instant adjustments to balance the helicopter. Enabling flexible installation, the system is easily deployed, efficient and convenient to operate, and requires no adjustments or special training.

In an emergency, the capsule and tracks can be easily jettisoned by the pilot, who has full control over the cargo hooks. With its ‘delta-robot’ motion platform, the system is designed for extreme stability while in flight, handling most interference while maintaining target-locking.

According to founder and CEO Sagiv Aharon, the next step is to partner with leading companies to achieve complete market readiness.

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