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Airbus expects international Lakota sales in wake of US Army buy

16 May 2014

The US Army's decision to purchase additional Airbus UH-72A Lakota helicopters and to put them at the centre of its training mission raises the potential for international sales, according to the company's top official in the United States.

Airbus sees an opportunity to sell hundreds of Lakotas around the world, Allan McArtor, chairman and CEO of Airbus Group, told reporters on 14 May. "Without a doubt, this will be a great marketing opportunity," he said.

According to McArtor, the company has a "minimum expectation" of selling 600 Lakotas internationally based on the potential for replacing ageing Bell UH-1 fleets.

The Lakota, which Airbus builds in Columbus, Mississippi, is a militarised version of the commercial EC145.

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