SOFEX 2014

Message of moderation

05 May 2014

His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Bin Al Hussein is justly proud of the growth of SOFEX over the past two decades and the contribution of his country and the Jordanian Armed Forces to its continuing success.

“SOFEX is especially important for Jordan and the countries of the world as one of the largest international defence exhibitions in the world, and the only one specialised in special operations and national security in the MENA region. It focuses on all special operation and peacekeeping a airs and equipment, along with defence equipment, training areas, and security systems. It represents a meeting point for the international defence sectors and a platform to launch strategic partnerships that target co-operation and the exchange of experiences and expertise.

“SOFEX is important because it represents a gathering of all stakeholders and decision makers working to ensure and enhance national security and public order all over the world. It brings together small and medium companies with the largest companies in the world, and with leaders and decision makers in governments and armies all over the world. It will provide everyone with the opportunity to view the latest solutions and advanced equipment to support security forces in their mission to preserve and enhance state security and is a forum for dialogue and communication among the companies by providing many avenues for joint co-operation.

“The efficient and distinguished Jordanian human element which has accompanied SOFEX since its inception is the main factor in the success of this exhibition over two decades. I am immeasurably proud of this Jordanian capacity, expertise and efficiency. They are the effective force and the hand that works tirelessly with dedication and loyalty to re ect the ideal image of our country, which has always carried the message of peace and sought to promote security and peace.

“ The attention and support granted by His Majesty King Abdullah II and the support of the Jordanian Armed Forces and the security systems contributed directly to the success achieved.

Everyone realised the importance of this exhibition, not just at the level of the Kingdom, but rather at the regional and international levels, as it ful fils the basic needs of all countries without exception. Jordan’s wise policy based on moderation, in addition to His Majesty’s close ties with the leaders of the world, and Jordan’s strategic location and reputation as an oasis of security and stability, leaves a distinctly Jordanian imprint on SOFEX.

“ There is no doubt that advanced infrastructure and the attention we give to air transport networks and modern communication methods enhanced Jordan’s standing as an international centre for commerce, business and investment, in turn contributing to the success of SOFEX, one session a'fter the other.”

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