SOFEX 2014

A recommended combination

05 May 2014

UK engineering firm C2UK (Hall 1, Stand A134) and Lockheed Martin (Hall 1, Stand C101) are demonstrating that the combination of the C-LITE Gen3 tactical mission system and Gyrocam sensor system – two sophisticated vehicle-mounted systems here shown on a Polaris MV850 all-terrain vehicle – can bring significant improvements to battlefield decision-making.

During the demonstration, the C-LITE provides a common operating picture using a live video feed from the 9in Gyrocam sensor system. The systems’ combined data allows the tracking, identification and discrimination of friendly and hostile forces, as well as messaging and beyond-line-of-sight communications from the C-LITE through an encrypted wireless link. The data enables field commanders to detect insurgent activity or assess the battlefield from strategic or limited-access locations.

Embedded with the C2UK Scimitar software, C-LITE is the first with an i7 fourth generation core processor that allows users to share key mission data in real time.

Gyrocam sensor systems give users enhanced situational awareness from standoff distances in low visibility and darkness. They include high-resolution colour, night vision and advanced thermal sensors in a stabilised gimbal that can be mast-mounted on virtually any ground, airborne, maritime or expeditionary platform, to provide unobstructed, 360° surveillance and threat detection capability.

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