SOFEX 2014

Ease of use with precision

05 May 2014

Two new pistols are featured by Ceska zbrojovka (better known as CZ) on Stand A117 in Hall 1. The CZ P-07 (right) and P-09 models have been developed following consultation with many armed forces around the world.

Both have much in common in terms of materials used, but one is compact while the other is of standard size. Durability and ease of use in the most testing environments have been prime design objectives, but special attention has also been paid to precision. Consequently, the recoil of the weapons has been minimised and they return naturally to the aiming line even when shooting fast.

To achieve the design goals, both pistols underwent several demanding tests that far exceeded normal military standards, while the use of innovative materials has been crucial to making the CZ P-07 and P-09 market leaders. The frame of both is made of a modern polymer with high mechanical and thermal durability, reinforced with glass fibres.

Furthermore, new surface treatment of the slide, barrel and other minor parts will significantly improve the weapons’ resistance to mechanical damage, while also contributing to high corrosion resistance. Both weapons make use of interchangeable backstrap inserts, thus easing adjustment to the shooter’s needs. New steel sights are also standard, each with three luminescent points with long persistence. CZ offers a wide range of accessories, including tritium and optical sights, a special range of plastic duty holsters, second generation RONI conversion or silencers by the renowned Swiss manufacturer B&T.

CZ is also showing the Scorpion Evo 3 A1 (main pic), said to be an exceptionally reliable and more ergonomic successor to the earlier Scorpion sub-machine gun. The new weapon is fitted with a folding and telescopic stock rest, which allows precise shooting at ranges of up to 200m.

Good balance, easy aiming, high precision and perfect controllability are also claimed for the Scorpion Evo 3 A1.

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