Country Risk

Move of legislature to Equatorial Guinea's largest city increases risk of crime and police violence

14 February 2014


Equatorial Guinea has started relocating the executive from the capital Malabo to the country's largest mainland city, Bata, to promote the economic and social development of the Litoral region, government spokesperson Teobaldo Nchaso Matomba announced on 12 February.

The planned relocation means authorities have embarked on an 'urban upgrading drive' and since January have begun to forcibly remove the local population from central slum settlements such as Etofili, Ikunde, Mbangan, Ncolombong, Newtown, and Ngolo. IHS sources, as well as Equatorial Guinea's only legal opposition party, the Convergence for Social Democracy (Convergencia Para Democracia Social: CPDS), reported that the destruction of the makeshift houses has left residents homeless and has led to a notable rise in violent crime.

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