• AHRLAC advances [AAD18D3]

    With the first production AHRLAC aircraft entering the final assembly process this week, the AHRLAC company (a joint venture between Paramount Group and Aerospace Development Corporation/ADC) has come a long way in its project to develop a light attack/ISR aircraft.

  • Max platform fitted with Scorpion mortar system [AAD18D3]

    SVI Engineering (Hangar 4, OS2) is showing part of its extensive systems engineering capability by integrating the Thales South Africa Scorpion mobile mortar system with its latest Max 3 (4x4) protected weapon platform (pictured).

  • New logistic support vehicle [AAD18D3]

    South African company OTT Technologies (Hangar 5) has completed company trials of its Puma M36 Mk 6A (6x6) logistic support vehicle. Production can commence as soon as orders are placed.

  • A quiet revolution [AAD18D3]

    PJ Aviation (Hangar 1, Stand E6) first began trading in 1993 and made a name for itself as a leading distributor in Southern Africa for a wide range of products ranging from avionics to composite aircraft.

  • Training for tracking [AAD18D3]

    Training on a passive surveillance system simulator leaves the equipment free for normal operations. This is the solution from Czech company ERA (Hangar 1, Stand CW9), a system developed in conjunction with the University of Defence in Brno.

  • Africa Aerospace & Defence comes of age [AAD18D3]

    Visitors to AAD 2018 might have seen its newly designed logo, with the number 20 prominently displayed within the colourful map of Africa. There is an interesting history behind this.

  • TTS is the way forward [AAD18D3]

    As the sole supplier of Tactical Training Simulator (TSS) systems to the South African Army, ThoroughTec Simulation (Hangar 3, Stand W25) has vast experience in satisfying the complex training requirements of modern mechanised forces. From MRAPs and infantry combat vehicles to armoured fighting vehicles and main battle tanks, CYBERWAR TTS systems meet all armoured vehicle crew training requirements, exceeding expectations and saving money.

  • Aerosud appoints new board member [AAD18D3]

    directors. Sebulela is a highly experienced leader and entrepreneur with many years’ experience in strategy execution and investment banking in South Africa and internationally at a senior level. A board director with extensive corporate and business experience, he has achieved significant executive leadership accomplishments in business and philanthropy.

  • Aviation companies to benefit from Aerosud’s new growth strategy [AAD18D3]

    Aerosud Aviation’s new Growth Strategy is focused on improving aviation production services to a growing industry. The Growth Strategy follows on from a successful growth trajectory that has resulted in Aerosud Holdings being the largest commercial aerospace company in South Africa.

  • Peruvian Army acquires vehicles, assigns helicopters to air wing

    The Peruvian Army (Ejército del Perú: EP) has received new vehicles for its units in Lima and Iquitos, while its V Division, headquartered in the latter city, has received helicopters for its newly created air wing. On 12 September V Division also received six troop-carrying trucks,

  • Controversy around intelligence chief and interior ministry exacerbates divisions over security and migration in Germany’s “grand coalition”

    Event On 18 September, Germany’s domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maaßen was forced to step down in response to controversy surrounding his questioning of the authenticity of a video showing far-right assaults on migrants in the east German city of Chemnitz. His statements

  • Elbit wins USD173 million naval weapons contract for Asia-Pacific country

    Elbit Systems has received a USD173 million contract to supply naval remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWSs) to an unspecified country in the Asia-Pacific region. The systems, which comprise lightweight and fully stabilised setups each incorporating a 12.7 mm machine gun, will be installed

  • Thai company Panus unveils HMV-420 vehicle

    Thai company Panus Assembly has unveiled a 4x4 military vehicle that it hopes to supply to the Royal Thai Armed Forces. The HMV-420 high mobility vehicle (HMV) is based on the company’s HMV-150 platform, which was unveiled in 2017 and, in turn, is based on a re-engineered and upgraded

  • Thailand orders four more H225M helos

    Thailand has ordered four more H225M (previously designated EC725) multirole helicopters to augment the eight already procured, Airbus Helicopters announced on 20 September. The order comes on the back of the initial order for four helicopters in 2012 (received in 2015), two more in 2014 (received

  • Rheinmetall demonstrates Skyranger counter-UAV capabilities

    Key Points Skyranger shot down jet UAVs with its 35 mm gun firing AHEAD air burst munition The demonstration illustrated the “Patriot and Below Concept”, which also includes NASAMS Rheinmetall demonstrated its Skyranger system’s capabilities to counter unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Australian entities renew submarine support arrangement

    Australian shipbuilder ASC and the government’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group have signed an agreement to facilitate continued collaboration on supporting Royal Australian Navy (RAN) submarines. State-owned ASC said in a press release on 18 September that the agreement will be

  • MBDA unveils Spectre combat UAV concept

    MBDA in the United Kingdom has unveiled a new combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) concept designed to provide on-call, low-cost organic precision effects close air support for forward-deployed land forces. Spectre is a tilt wing, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) combat air system

  • IAI eyes UK AEW&C opportunity

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has expressed hope that the United Kingdom will launch an open tender for a new airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft for the Royal Air Force (RAF), Jane’s was told on 18 September. IAI’s subsidiary, Elta Systems, has been holding a

  • Russian MiG-31 crashes, crew ejects

    A Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) MiG-31 ?Foxhound' interceptor crashed in the central Nizhny Novgorod region of the country on 19 September, state media reported. The twin-seat combat aircraft came down not long after take-off, with the RT news agency saying that flames were reported

  • MBDA unveils Future Land Indirect Fires concepts

    MBDA has unveiled a number of land precision effects concepts for integration with the ARTEC 8x8 Boxer infantry fighting vehicle to address the British Army’s future land surface-to-surface fire requirements. In April this year, UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced that it will re-join the