• Precision approach [AAD18D3]

    Given South Africa’s long-standing requirement for the replacement of the air force’s mobile and fixed air defence radars, US-based Harris Corporation (Hangar 3, Stand CE23) this week once again showcased its comprehensive range of capabilities, including radar technologies.

  • Ruby anniversary celebration [AAD18D3]

    South Africa’s Century Avionics celebrated its 40th anniversary with three of its longtime agents, Bose, Garmin and BendixKing.

  • Better survivability [AAD18D3]

    Nexter Mechanics (Hangar 6, Stand CE22) is presenting a number of its wide range of subsystems, which can be integrated into not only some of Nexter Systems wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), but also into an increasing number of export platforms.

  • Mobile and lethal [AAD18D3]

    China Jin AN Import & Export Corporation (Hangar 2, Stand CW17) has brought the Type CS/VP4 Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to AAD, which is understood to be deployed by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and is being marketed for a wide range of military, paramilitary and civilian applications.

  • Adventures of Little Annie [AAD18D3]

    The world’s most famous Antonov An-2, better known as ‘Little Annie’ – the plane with a big heart – is on a mission to spread love and hope to people in need and forms the backdrop for its owners to launch their book, The Adventures of Little Annie.

  • Kopter zooms in from Switzerland [AAD18D3]

    For rotorcraft operators and enthusiasts, South Africa-based Safomar Aviation (Chalets 18 to 19) has interesting news: it is bringing the Swiss-built Kopter SH09 to South Africa, the company announced this week at AAD.

  • Powerful new partnership [AAD18D3]

    Aerosud, the largest privately owned aerospace manufacturing company in South Africa supplying components to the major aircraft OEMs such as Boeing and Airbus, has announced a partnership with DB Schenker, the world’s second-largest logistics service provider.

  • Strategic alliance on Belrex [AAD18D3]

    South Africa’s Paramount Group and Singapore’s ST Engineering Land Systems arm have announced a commitment to joint marketing of the Belrex (4x4) family of wheeled Mine Resistant Ambushed Protected (MRAP) vehicles.

  • For all your offshore needs [AAD18D3]

    Mvano Naval Systems (Hangar 3, Stand W4) offers complete solutions with respect to proven naval equipment and systems for navigation, internal communications, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System communications, naval command and control, radar systems, Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System, EOS, automation, alarm monitoring and control systems, and electrical systems.

  • High-end UAV performance [AAD18D3]

    For more than 30 years, South African company Tellumat (Hangar 4, Stand CE8) has developed and manufactured UAS subsystems.

  • Ara MRAP in production [AAD18D3]

    Proforce (Hangar 6, Stand CW19) of Nigeria has confirmed that it has started production of the latest Ara (4x4) mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle, which is also referred to as the Thunder.

  • Enhanced firepower for two [AAD18D3]

    Denel Vehicle Systems (Hangar 3, Stand W25) has enhanced the firepower of its private venture RG41 (8x8) Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicle (WACV) with the installation of a Denel Land Systems (DLS) two-person turret.

  • Fast spectrum monitoring [AAD18D3]

    Hensoldt SA’s spectrum dominance business line, GEW, is showing at AAD for the first time its most advanced high-frequency (HF) direction finder to date. The GEW MRD600 is a high-speed, ultra-wideband direction finder designed for extremely fast and accurate spectrum monitoring and direction finding (DF). With its 30MHz instantaneous bandwidth, the MRD600 directly samples the entire HF spectrum, resulting in an extremely high DF scan speed of more than 15GHz/s.

  • Uniting for future growth [AAD18D3]

    Leading sensor solutions house Hensoldt announced this week at AAD the merging of its two South African daughter companies GEW Technologies and Hensoldt Optronics under the Hensoldt brand (Hangar 3, Stand CE19).

  • Countering threats [AAD18D3]

    Joz Armored Vehicles (Hangar 2, Stand CW19) is a premium vehicle armouring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armoured cars, trucks and other armoured commercial vehicles.

  • Modernising communications [AAD18D3]

    Having completed the development and manufacture of a range of software-defined combat net radios (CNR), South African company Reutech Communications (Hangar 4, Stand E4) this week showed the new secure radios to the Chief of the South African Army, Lt Gen Lindile Yam.

  • A village is born [AAD18D3]

    The Centurion Aviation Village (CAV), exhibiting in Hangar 5, Stand CE15B, is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry that was established as a result of the Aerospace Industry Support Initiative supply chain development programme.

  • Well-connected [AAD18D3]

    For more than 30 years, South Africa-based Hiconnex (Hangar 4, Stand E7) has supplied interconnect solutions to the military, aeronautical and space markets. With the expertise to design and develop systems, the company is able to provide custom solutions specifically suited to the customer’s requirements.

  • AHRLAC advances [AAD18D3]

    With the first production AHRLAC aircraft entering the final assembly process this week, the AHRLAC company (a joint venture between Paramount Group and Aerospace Development Corporation/ADC) has come a long way in its project to develop a light attack/ISR aircraft.

  • Max platform fitted with Scorpion mortar system [AAD18D3]

    SVI Engineering (Hangar 4, OS2) is showing part of its extensive systems engineering capability by integrating the Thales South Africa Scorpion mobile mortar system with its latest Max 3 (4x4) protected weapon platform (pictured).