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Whether conducting competitor analysis, analysing a potential market, or examining your supply chain, Janes wide scope of connected content across companies, forecast, programmes, country risk, inventories, and equipment offers the only comprehensive decision support solution.

Our market-leading solutions enable organisations to identify and query key information that will help drive clear decisions and success across your daily tasks. No other organisation can offer such depth of insight across market, industry, and equipment to ensure ongoing success.

Janes enables our aerospace and defence industry customers to:

  • Identify key events and understand trends across markets and customers’ missions.
  • Gain significant competitive advantage using Janes content and analysis across relevant companies and organisations.
  • Find technical and capability information on global military equipment and variants.

Matchless quality and depth of data and insight

Janes connected content enables you to identify critical information using the relationships across our multiple datasets. Without the scope of Janes offerings, no other organisation can deliver this level of insight. Janes advanced solutions will realise these connections across forecasts, companies, programmes, equipment, country risk, and inventories. With Janes you can quickly and accurately identify the intelligence essential to supporting your decision making. Visualisations, data, and analysis can be seamlessly exported and placed directly into reports.

Base your decisions on validated, up-to-date, and accurate defence intelligence

Janes data is independent and reliable. Experts cross-check data against primary and secondary sources so you know you are making decisions based on the most accurate and up to date information. With Janes data, defence organisations know they can confidently divert time and resources away from data gathering into critical analysis and decision making. 

Industry Intelligence


Build and maintain a competitive advantage to win more than your share

Janes data and insight enables you to discover and understand the current and predicted competitive landscape within your chosen market. Janes analysts deliver an unbiased view of your position relative to your competitors. Connected data and insight enables you to quickly survey the landscape comparing competing organisations across customer, product, and capability.

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Market Intelligence


Trusted insight into your customers’ needs and ability to budget and award

The breadth, depth, and connectivity of Janes data and insight enables us to provide you with unique insights into your customers’ missions and objectives. Gain a complete understanding of your customer's environment, priorities, budgets, and ability to award opportunities. Examine past and current capability, as well as existing risk, that will drive requirements and help you identify opportunities ahead of announcement.

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Equipment Intelligence


Actionable intelligence that supports product engineering and bidding decisions

Janes enables you to quickly understand the capabilities of defence equipment to support design and engineering decisions. Janes delivers data and insight on global military equipment and variants to enable you to develop winning campaigns and strategies. Connected data and insight across programmes, forecasts, equipment, and inventories provides the context you need for product engineering and bidding decisions.

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Janes Capabilities

Case Studies

Pakistan outlines plans to revive defence industrial base

by Jon Grevatt

Pakistan is planning several new initiatives to reinvigorate the country’s military-industrial complex, which is likely to have suffered due to the impact of Covid-19.

The country’s Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) said in a report in August 2020 that it is planning new policies for defence production and defence offsets, and also restructuring internally to “make it more efficient and viable”. It is seeking to enhance the role of the country’s private sector in defence manufacturing.

The ministry said it is also reorganising Pakistan’s most prominent state-owned defence enterprises to give them greater independent control.

State-owned Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) - manufacturer of Al-Khalid-I main battle tank (pictured) - has been designated by the Pakistan government as an ‘autonomous body’, giving it greater independent control.   (ISPR)

State-owned Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) - manufacturer of Al-Khalid-I main battle tank (pictured) - has been designated by the Pakistan government as an ‘autonomous body’, giving it greater independent control. (ISPR)

The MoDP said in its newly published ‘Two years performance report’ that in line with government targets it is committed to supporting the development of an “internationally competitive defence production sector”.

This move is prompted by growing requirements to locally source the capability needs of the Pakistan Armed Forces, to reduce foreign reliance, generate revenues, and increase job opportunities, it said. All these requirements are likely to have intensified during the Covid-19 crisis.

Pakistan’s new defence production policy is currently in draft form and is expected to be issued soon with the aim of outlining manufacturing capabilities and targets, according to the report. The offset policy is also in draft form, it said, and has been issued to MoDP stakeholders for input.

The offset policy is likely to be a second version. The MoDP issued in late 2014 the country’s initial defence offset policy. The policy is promulgated by Pakistan’s defence procurement agency, the Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP), which operates as a department of the MoDP.

Pakistan is planning several new initiatives to reinvigorate the country’s military-industrial compl...

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