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Whether conducting competitor analysis, analysing a potential market, or examining your supply chain, Janes wide scope of connected content across companies, forecast, programmes, country risk, inventories, and equipment offers the only comprehensive decision support solution.

Our market-leading solutions enable organisations to identify and query key information that will help drive clear decisions and success across your daily tasks. No other organisation can offer such depth of insight across market, industry, and equipment to ensure ongoing success.

Janes enables our aerospace and defence industry customers to:

  • Identify key events and understand trends across markets and customers’ missions.
  • Gain significant competitive advantage using Janes content and analysis across relevant companies and organisations.
  • Find technical and capability information on global military equipment and variants.

Matchless quality and depth of data and insight

Janes connected content enables you to identify critical information using the relationships across our multiple datasets. Without the scope of Janes offerings, no other organisation can deliver this level of insight. Janes advanced solutions will realise these connections across forecasts, companies, programmes, equipment, country risk, and inventories. With Janes you can quickly and accurately identify the intelligence essential to supporting your decision making. Visualisations, data, and analysis can be seamlessly exported and placed directly into reports.

Base your decisions on validated, up-to-date, and accurate defence intelligence

Janes data is independent and reliable. Experts cross-check data against primary and secondary sources so you know you are making decisions based on the most accurate and up to date information. With Janes data, defence organisations know they can confidently divert time and resources away from data gathering into critical analysis and decision making. 

Industry Intelligence


Build and maintain a competitive advantage to win more than your share

Janes data and insight enables you to discover and understand the current and predicted competitive landscape within your chosen market. Janes analysts deliver an unbiased view of your position relative to your competitors. Connected data and insight enables you to quickly survey the landscape comparing competing organisations across customer, product, and capability.

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Market Intelligence


Trusted insight into your customers’ needs and ability to budget and award

The breadth, depth, and connectivity of Janes data and insight enables us to provide you with unique insights into your customers’ missions and objectives. Gain a complete understanding of your customer's environment, priorities, budgets, and ability to award opportunities. Examine past and current capability, as well as existing risk, that will drive requirements and help you identify opportunities ahead of announcement.

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Equipment Intelligence


Actionable intelligence that supports product engineering and bidding decisions

Janes enables you to quickly understand the capabilities of defence equipment to support design and engineering decisions. Janes delivers data and insight on global military equipment and variants to enable you to develop winning campaigns and strategies. Connected data and insight across programmes, forecasts, equipment, and inventories provides the context you need for product engineering and bidding decisions.

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Janes Capabilities

Case Studies

Australia, UK sign frigate agreement

by Jon Grevatt

Australia and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement to collaborate on BAE Systems’ AUD35 billion (USD25 billion) programme to build nine Hunter-class frigates for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

The frigates, the first of which is scheduled to enter service in the late 2020s, are based on the Type 26-class frigate that BAE Systems is building for the UK Royal Navy.

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) said that the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was announced on 20 October, is positioned to support both countries and both projects. The MOU reinforces Australia and the UK’s “commitment to working together on delivering these important high-profile national programmes and maximising mutual opportunities”, it said.

BAE Systems is scheduled to start the prototyping phase of Australia’s Hunter-class frigate (an artist’s impression of which is pictured above) in late 2020.  (Royal Australian Navy)

BAE Systems is scheduled to start the prototyping phase of Australia’s Hunter-class frigate (an artist’s impression of which is pictured above) in late 2020. (Royal Australian Navy)

The DoD added that the agreement is focused on supporting exchanges of information and efforts to engage industry in both countries, including providing opportunities to access each other’s supply chains.

“A key aspect of the MOU is a pledge for information exchange to ensure shipbuilding best practice is shared and both frigate programmes deliver world-beating maritime capabilities to the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy,” said the DoD,

The DoD added that the agreement also sets out a framework to “enable both nations to utilise the Type 26 and Hunter programmes to create jobs and contribute to the growth of the UK and Australian economies”. A focus of the accord was supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both countries, it said.

Australia and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement to collaborate on BAE Systems’ AUD35 billi...

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