• Report: Afghan forces controlling less territory, but more populace

    The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) appear to still be losing territory to insurgents, but may also be gaining some control of population centres, according to a new report. Approximately 57.2% of Afghanistan's 407 districts were under government control or influence as of 15

  • Romania sets out timeline and requirement for corvette replacement

    Key Points Romania plans to receive four corvettes by 2023 The corvettes are key to underpinning Romania's increased activity in the Black Sea and beyond The Romanian Navy is looking to acquire four new multirole corvettes by 2023. Captain Dan Ciocoiu, the navy's deputy chief of the Naval

  • Saudi SANG to stand up first aviation brigade in coming months

    The first of three operational aviation brigades for the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) is set to become fully operational when it receives its Boeing AH-6i armed reconnaissance and light attack helicopters later this year, a senior US Army official said on 1 February. Speaking at the IQPC

  • USMC advancing shipborne 'Group 5' UAS concept

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has progressed with plans to furnish its Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) with a shipborne 'Group 5' unmanned aerial system (UAS) capability. "We validated a Group 5 UAS requirement that's made it through the joint requirements process," Lieutenant General

  • USMC flight training hours improving but maintenance issues remain

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) continues increasing pilot training hours and monthly averages have improved to about two hours below requirements, according to Lieutenant General Jon Davis, the deputy commandant for aviation. In 2015 marine pilots logged an average of six to nine hours of flight

  • Colombia's Kfir fleet nearing its end, with no replacement identified

    Colombia's fleet of 20 Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) Kfir, built in the 1970s and fitted with US-designed General Electric J-79-GE engines, is approaching the end of its service life in 2019, with no replacement in sight. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) faced a crisis during most of 2015 when,

  • Kenyan base overrun in Somalia

    Contrary to what was claimed by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), a Kenyan base in Somalia was overrun on 27 January, photographs released by the militant group Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen have shown. The attack came almost exactly a year after the KDF suffered its worst defeat in Somalia when

  • Myanmar in advanced negotiations to licence-build JF-17 fighter

    After deciding to purchase 16 JF-17 Thunder multi-role combat aircraft in 2015, Myanmar is now in advanced negotiations with Pakistan to also licence-build the third-generation fighter, defence industry sources in Yangon and sources close to the Myanmar Air Force (MAF) told Jane's in mid-January.

  • Romania orders more Piranha III APCs

    Romania has ordered another batch of Piranha III 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicles, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) announced on 26 January. The contract, worth RON187.8 million (USD44.8 million), covers 12 specialised Piranha III variants, including mobile command posts, medevac

  • Chile deploys military to combat wildfires

    The Chilean armed forces, along with some international support, are helping combat significant wildfires that have destroyed thousands of hectares and claimed at least 11 lives. A total of 550 marines are maintaining order in various towns across the Bío Bío region, which has been

  • Panama Naval Air Service receives new Twin Otter transport

    The Panamanian National Naval Air Service (SENAN) has received a single new Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter transport aircraft The aircraft, whose purchase was announced by Viking Air in November 2016, was officially handed over to the SENAN by Panama's president Juan Carlos Varela on 23 January.

  • Wargame shows NATO needs more work on Baltic defence

    Recent wargames conducted by senior western active duty and former military, national security, and intelligence officials have suggested that more work is still needed if the NATO alliance is to be up to the task of defending its northern front line in the Baltics. These were the findings of a

  • Philippine president threatens to scrap pre-positioning agreement with US

    Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has accused Washington of risking regional security by constructing 'permanent arms depots' in his country, and threatened to scrap a bilateral deal that allows US forces to use Philippine military bases and pre-position materiel. In a televised news conference

  • JHC faces up to challenges in shift to contingency operations

    The UK Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) is facing significant challenges as it looks to pivot its capabilities away from the counterinsurgency (COIN) of the last decade-or-so to contingency operations, a senior official noted on 31 January. Speaking in London under the Chatham House Rule, the

  • Germany airlifts NH90s and Tigers to Mali

    The first of eight German army helicopters was airlifted to Bamako, Mali, on 27 January following the approval of the deployment the previous day by the Bundestag, the German parliament. An NH90 medical evacuation helicopter was flown by a leased Antonov An-124-100 from Leipzig/Halle, eastern

  • North Korea's plutonium-producing reactor likely reactivated, says report

    Analysis of commercial satellite imagery from 22 January indicates that operations at the 5 MWe plutonium-producing reactor at North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear research facility is likely to have resumed. The images show a water plume - most probably warm - originating from the cooling water outlet

  • US orders F-35 and Air Force One reviews

    The US government has ordered separate reviews into the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization (PAR) programme, the US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 27 January. The reviews are "to inform programmatic and budgetary

  • Brazil withdrawing from Haiti UN mission in April

    Brazil is beginning to withdraw its military contingent from the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and plans to conclude the operation by 17 April. The Brazilian military contribution to MINUSTAH was planned to end in October 2016, but was extended for six months according to UN Security

  • Indian Navy decommissions two ships

    The Indian Navy (IN) decommissioned two ships - INS Agray and INS Matanga - on 27 January at a ceremony at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai. Agray was a Russian-built Project 1241 PE (Pauk II) anti-submarine corvette, which was converted into a patrol vessel and a trials platform for electronic warfare

  • Islamic State video reveals Turkish defeat in Syria

    Key Points Satellite imagery and Islamic State video footage show what appears to be a significant defeat for the Turkish military in Syria Turkey lost around 12 armoured vehicles during a push to capture the Islamic State-held city of Al-Bab in December The Islamic State released a video on 20

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