• Japan to scale back anti-piracy operations off Somalia

    The number of Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers taking part in anti-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean off Somalia is to be cut from two to one, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in Tokyo said in a 1 November press release. An MoD official told IHS Jane's that one of the destroyers

  • UK Typhoons to deploy to Romania

    The United Kingdom is to deploy Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to Romania as part of a wider package geared at bolstering Europe's eastern flank in the face of continued Russian assertiveness in the region. The deployment, announced by UK defence secretary Michael Fallon on 26 October, will

  • US Army outlines strategy for countering tactical UAS

    The US Army is refining its ability to counter unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and is focusing on rapidly proliferating tactical UAS. An 'Army Counter - Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Strategy Extract', dated 5 October but publicly released on 1 November, explains how the service is approaching

  • Chile seeks to expand, modernise air transport fleets

    The Chilean Army is planning to buy a first batch of four to six medium transport aircraft to replace a number of CASA C212 Aviocar aircraft that the service has recently paid off, military sources in Santiago told IHS Jane's . The army expects to place the order, for which the Airbus C295M and

  • Myanmar ultimatum to ethnic army triggers volatile stand-off

    Less than two years after Myanmar's military fought a costly war with rebels in the northeastern region of Kokang, a volatile stand-off with a far larger armed ethnic faction, the United Wa State Army (UWSA), has raised the threat of a further round of hostilities on the country's border with China.

  • US Army kicks off new effort to buy logistics boats

    The US Army on 28 October released a request for proposals (RfP) for a new Manoeuvre Support Vessel - Light (MSV(L)) platform to replace its ageing Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 8 MOD I and MOD II 'Mike Boats'. Between low-rate initial production (LRIP) and full-rate production, the army expects

  • Ethiopia withdrawing troops from Somalia, but not AMISOM

    Ethiopian Communications Minister Getachew Reda confirmed during a 26 October press conference that his country is withdrawing troops from Somalia, although attributed it to the financial burden of the deployment rather than the state of emergency at home. "We have been making a very conscious

  • UAE's forward operating base in Libya revealed

    ANALYSIS The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established a military base in eastern Libya from where it is operating AT-802 light attack aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery obtained by IHS Jane's shows. Al-Khadim Airport is in Marj province

  • Chinese leader urges greater military-civilian co-operation

    China's president, Xi Jinping, called on 19 October for greater co-operation between his country's military and civilian sectors to contribute to "the dream of building stronger armed forces", state-run Xinhua news agency reported. "Military-civilian co-operation, as a national

  • Russia more distant from NATO than ever, says SACEUR

    Russia is moving ever further away from NATO, the alliance's top military commander said in Brussels on 26 October. General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), said that Russia's "actions speak louder than words" and pointed to the following: Crimea,

  • Seoul, Tokyo to reopen talks on sharing military information

    South Korea has decided to reopen talks with Japan on signing a bilateral agreement to directly share sensitive military information, an official of the Ministry of National Defence (MND) in Seoul told IHS Jane's on 27 October, confirming local media reports. "We are most interested in sharing

  • South Korea, US simulate surgical strikes against North Korea

    Special forces from South Korea and the United States have carried out drills to practise 'surgical strikes' against North Korean nuclear and missile facilities, Yonhap news agency quoted military officials as saying on 27 October. "The US Air Force's 353rd Special Operations Group conducted a

  • 'Trident Juncture 16' rehearses ARRC for NATO Response Force role

    The headquarters (HQ) of NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) began Exercise 'Trident Juncture 16' ('TJ16') at Royal Air Force (RAF) St Mawgan in Cornwall on 24 October. The exercise, which lasts 10 days, is a major command post exercise that will certify HQ ARRC as a NATO Land Forces HQ in

  • Vietnam establishes hydrographic office amid submarine deliveries

    Vietnam has inaugurated a hydrographic commission and office, Hanoi announced via the state-run Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on 25 October. The commission is to advise the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence and other government agencies on hydrographic matters. A decision to establish the commission was

  • Carter: To consolidate gains, US troops expected to remain in Iraq after Mosul

    US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter suggested US forces are unlikely to drawdown their presence in Iraq if Mosul is recaptured, as any security gains may be fragile. "We have discussed that with the Iraqi government, and I only start there because it will, in the end, be a decision that we

  • First-ever UK-Japan fighter exercise kicks off

    The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) began their first-ever joint fighter exercise on 23 October, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. Four RAF Eurofighter Typhoons, which had arrived a day earlier at the JSDAF's Misawa Air Base, are participating in the

  • Japan extends peacekeeping mission to South Sudan

    The Japanese government announced on 25 October that the deployment of Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) personnel to a United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan will be extended by five months. Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the deployment, which was due to

  • Japanese troops to wear helmet cameras on missions

    To ensure they follow operational protocol, members of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) will be required to use helmet-mounted cameras when they deploy on missions, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported on 22 October. Japanese troops are expected to be despatched as United Nations

  • NATO member commanders outline cyber priorities

    Senior military commanders from across NATO have described the practical challenges and opportunities facing the armed forces as developments in cyberspace continue to advance across the contemporary operating environment. Speaking at RUSI's Second International Cyber Symposium in London, cyber

  • USN to deploy F-35-capable amphibious assault ship in Japan

    Key Points The US Navy will dispatch an amphibious assault ship to Japan that can embark the F-35B aircraft The platform is expected to deploy with a squadron of 16 F-35Bs The US Navy (USN) announced on 24 October that it will deploy its lead Wasp-class amphibious assault ship to Sasebo, Japan to

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