• Korea Coast Guard moves forward with modernisation, expansion plans

    Key Points South Korea's coastguard has unveiled plans to boost domestic shipbuilding and to improve maritime security Patrol fleet is also being strengthened, to counter illegal fishing activity South Korea is progressing plans designed to bolster the output of its coastguard force. Hanjin

  • US, Japan, South Korea conduct joint anti-ballistic missile exercise

    South Korea, the United States, and Japan began on 9 November a two-day naval exercise simulating the detection and tracking of ballistic missiles, a spokesperson for South Korea's Ministry of National Defense told IHS Jane's . While the spokesperson declined to provide details about the number of

  • Cross-border firing intensifies along Indo-Pakistani border

    Tensions between India and Pakistan further escalated on 6 November after the Indian Army (IA) claimed that two of its soldiers had been killed in firing between the neighbouring countries across their disputed border in the northern region of Kashmir. Pakistan accused India the following day of

  • China Coast Guard vessels sail again near disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

    Four China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels operated within the contiguous zone around the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea between 5-7 November, briefly entering Japanese territorial waters on 6 November, according to the Japan Coast Guard (JCG). A JCG official told IHS Jane's that

  • Rebel offensive fails to break Aleppo siege

    A week-long Syrian opposition offensive had failed to break through government lines and lift the siege of eastern Aleppo by 4 November, when a Russian-backed counter-offensive looked increasingly imminent. Syrian opposition fighters from several groups started a major offensive to try to break the

  • UK confirms Type 26 build schedule and air defences

    UK defence secretary Michael Fallon announced on 4 November that steel for the first of eight new Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy (RN) will be cut at BAE Systems' facilities on the Clyde in Glasgow "next summer". He also confirmed a GBP100 million (USD125 million) order for MBDA's Sea

  • USN lays plans to enhance engagements, interoperability with Asia-Pacific partners

    Against the backdrop of the arrival of its first Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) in the Asia-Pacific region, the US Navy (USN) has laid out its plans to enhance partnerships and interoperability with armed forces services in Southeast Asia. USS Coronado (LCS 4) arrived at

  • Battlefield developments threaten to trigger Turkish intervention in Iraq and Syria against Kurdish and Iraqi Shia militias

    EVENT Deputy Turkish prime minister Numan Kurtulmus said on 7 November 2016 that "non-Arab control over the city of Raqqa would not contribute to regional peace". He made the statement after the Syrian Democratic Forces, a predominantly Kurdish grouping fighting against the Islamic State

  • Iraqi Shia militia advance raises tensions with Turkey

    Iraqi Shia militias operating under the umbrella of the Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation Forces: PMF) have begun to advance on Tal Afar to the west of Mosul in a move that has raised concerns about sectarian violence and Turkish military intervention. Although unsupported by the US-led

  • US Marine Corps uses San Antonio-based SuperCobras to strike Islamic State in Libya

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) is continuing its campaign of air strikes against the Islamic State in Libya following the recent replacement in the role of the US Navy's (USN's) USS Wasp landing platform dock (LHD-1) with the USS San Antonio amphibious transport dock ship (LPD-17). As noted by the USN

  • US defence secretary calls for rebuilding US nuclear triad as STRATCOM changes command

    US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter renewed his calls to focus on rebuilding US nuclear weapons capabilities, calling the cost "necessary" and "affordable" on 3 November. Carter delivered a speech emphasising the need to invest in upgrading the US nuclear triad during a change

  • US defence secretary says campaign to retake Mosul going "according to plan" as Iraqi troops close in on city

    Key Points US on track in Mosul campaign, Carter says Carter pledges to track down Islamic State fighters who have fled the city into Syria Plans for the Iraqi military to work with Kurdish Peshmerga forces to retake Mosul are going as intended, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said on 2

  • Bringing Afghan security forces up to speed will take 'a long time', says NATO

    Afghanistan's National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and the NATO-led 'Resolute Support' ('RS') mission in the country face a decidedly mixed bag of threats from the Taliban insurgent group, according to 'RS' spokesman Brigadier General Charles Cleveland. "We have seen the ANDSF's

  • Dozens of civilians killed in NATO airstrike in Afghanistan

    As many as 30 civilians were killed in a 3 November airstrike that was called in to support US and Afghan troops involved in heavy fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan's northern Kunduz Province, according to Afghan officials and local media reports. The clashes, which took place in the early

  • USN says MUOS 5 operational after propulsion failure

    The US Navy's (USN's) fifth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite is now in "operational condition" after a June propulsion system failure, according to a navy space official. The navy and contractors used available fuel within the vehicle to reposition it and to make it stable

  • US, South Korean forces carry out refugee evacuation drill

    US and South Korean forces have for the first time simulated the evacuation of refugees as part of the annual joint 'Hoguk' exercise, a defence ministry official in Seoul told IHS Jane's on 3 November. South Korean forces and units of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps simulated

  • Russian and US jets in close proximity over Syria

    Russian and US military aircraft came within a few hundred metres of each other over the Syrian battlespace in mid-October, in what the US Department of Defense (DoD) described as "an unusual occurrence". According to the DoD the occurrence, which took place on 17 October but not reported

  • US, Japan focus on amphibious operations during 'Keen Sword' exercise

    US Navy and Marine Corps units have partnered with the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) to practise amphibious operations as part of the 1-11 November 'Keen Sword 17' (KS17) exercise, according to a US Navy (USN) press release. This year's run of the exercise, which involves 11,000 US servicemen

  • Bolivian, Argentine air forces trial border security collaboration

    The Bolivian and Argentine air forces conducted a joint operational exercise targeting illicit drug-trafficking flights in their border regions (the Tarija department and Salta province, respectively), showcasing their common enforcement procedures. Exercise 'ARBOL-II' ran from 24-28 October and

  • Colombian Navy establishes new UAV operating base

    The Colombian Navy (ARC) has established a new unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) at the Marine Training Base (BEIM) near the Caribbean operating base for counter-narcotics and offshore security roles. An ARC officer told IHS Jane's the new operations centre was activated in late August 2016 to provide

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