• Turkey launches major operation against US-backed Syrian Kurds

    The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) announced on 20 January that it had launched Operation ‘Olive Branch’ against ‘terrorists’ in the Kurdish-dominated Afrin area of northwest Syria to “ensure security and stability on our borders”. It identified the groups that it

  • RAAF’s EA-18G Growler aircraft to participate in their first international air combat exercise

    Four Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) EA-18G Growler electronic attack (EA) aircraft are preparing to deploy on their first international air combat exercise, according to a 22 January statement by the Department of Defence (DoD) in Canberra. The aircraft along with some 340 RAAF personnel will

  • Ukraine's president announces increase in ATGM, UCAV production

    On 17 January Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced an increase in the production of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs). The new orders for these systems are specifically for military operations in the eastern Donbass region. “Anti-tank

  • Analysis: Cameroon demonstrates joint op capability

    Analysis An operation carried out by the Cameroonian military against separatists in the country’s South-West province in December 2017 demonstrated the extent to which it is now capable of carrying out complex joint missions. A Cameroonian Defence Force officer briefed Jane’s on

  • Azerbaijan receives equipment from Russia

    Russia delivered new equipment to Baku on 19 January, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced. On the same day, the MoD published photos on its website of BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers and what looks like ammunition crates in a ship's hold and the vehicles

  • Harris awarded USD45 million contract for Philippine C4ISTAR capability

    Harris Corporation has been awarded a USD44.86 million Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract to assist the US government in providing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with a C4ISTAR capability, the US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 19 January. Harris will provide “programme

  • Payment disputes over Russia’s latest ‘cable-cutting’ submarine

    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Zvezdochka shipyard have filed counter-lawsuits against each other over the long-term refit and rebuild of the original Delta-IV-class nuclear submarine Podmoskovye , the independent Interfax and state-owned TASS news agencies have reported. Zvezdochka Ship

  • UK army chief warns of Russian missile threat

    Russian long-range missiles have narrowed UK and NATO deployment options across eastern Europe, the head of the British Army has said. General Nicholas Carter told the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank in London on 22 January that in the last five years the number of Russian air,

  • AT-802 aircraft seen at Egyptian airbase

    IOMAX AT-802 strike aircraft are now operating from Egypt’s Bir Gifgafah Air Base in the Sinai Peninsula, satellite imagery shows. Two AT-802s were seen at Bir Gifgafah in DigitalGlobe imagery taken on 16 January and three on the following day. They were on the same parking apron where AVIC

  • USAF sets up team to investigate physiological problems for pilots

    The US Air Force (USAF) is standing up a team to investigate ongoing physiological problems affecting pilots of several of its aircraft types. The Unexplained Physiologic Events (UPE) team, announced by the USAF on 22 January, will be led by Brigadier General Bobbi Jo Doorenbos with the remit to

  • Bolivia’s MoD progresses towards new radar system, other budget priorities

    The Bolivian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has executed about 83% of its 2017 budget programme, the MoD announced on 18 January. That programme included progress on Bolivia’s new Defence and Air Traffic Radar System (SIDACTA), acquired from Thales Air Systems. Construction began in October and

  • US government, Pentagon shut down as Congress and White House fail to enact a budget

    The US Congress and the White House failed to agree on even a short-term budget by midnight on 19 January, and the federal government partially shutdown as a result. Congress had passed a third extension of a Continuing Resolution (CR) budget on 21 December to keep the federal government funded

  • US National Defense Strategy focused on Russia, China, and ‘great power competition’

    Key Points The NDS codifies a recent push to focus more on peer military threats It directs investments in space, cyberspace, nuclear forces, missile defence, autonomous systems, and better logistics The United States’ new National Defense Strategy (NDS) continues the Pentagon’s push,

  • UK, France reinforce defence co-operation

    The UK-French summit held at the UK's Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst on 18 January reinforced defence co-operation between the two European nuclear powers. The summit agreed to the creation of a permanent UK-France Defence Ministerial Council, in which the two nations' defence ministers will

  • Exploratory coalition talks in Germany point way ahead on defence

    The leadership of Germany’s two largest parties, the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, have achieved a breakthrough and found common ground in their exploratory talks, the first step before actual negotiations on the continuation of the grand coalition between the two parties can

  • Qatari minister defends acquisition of three fighter types

    Qatar’s decision to buy three different types of advanced fighter jets will not create additional financial and manpower burdens, according to Dr Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiyah, the emirate’s minister of state for defence. “If we said this 20 years ago, I would believe you,”

  • UK parliamentary committee warns of Carrier Strike threat to other defence projects

    Possible cost overruns with the Royal Navy's (RN's) two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, along with their new F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft and the Crowsnest airborne radar system for their Merlin helicopters, known collectively as Carrier Strike, could threaten other defence projects, a

  • Turkey-Greece-Cyprus dispute over Mediterranean hydrocarbons risks disruption to shipping routes and localised naval incidents in 2018

    Key Points Stand-offs between the navies of the rival countries could well extend to warning shots being fired, particularly within Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), with hotspots likely to be Block 6 and subsequently Block 3. An escalation involving targeted fire, however, remains

  • USN quantifies costs of post-collision fixes

    It will cost the US Navy (USN) between USD600 million and USD800 million during the five-year defence plan to address recommendations made in the wake of recent surface-ship collisions in the Western Pacific, Admiral John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, said. Testifying on 18 January

  • 'Saif Sareea 3' to see 4,500 UK military personnel exercise with Omani forces

    Key Points ‘Saif Sareea 3’ in Oman later this year will involve around 4,500 UK military personnel The joint exercise will be the largest training activity in the region for 17 years Major UK joint manoeuvres with Omani forces in the Middle Eastern country later this year will involve

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