• Middle East conflict spills into cyberspace

    State and non-state participants in conflicts across the Middle East are developing offensive cyber technology, which has already been deployed against state and commercial targets in the West. Terry Pattar examines the threat these capabilities pose.
  • Italy cracks down on environmental crime

    Environmental crimes are common among organised crime groups in Italy as they are low-risk, high-reward activities. Anita Lavorgna looks at reasons the mafias have been able to carry out these operations and the Italian authorities' policy response.
  • Kremlin fights for relevance in Central Europe

    Despite being the main supplier of energy to Central Europe, Russia's political influence in the region is fast diminishing. Peter Trescak analyses the post-Soviet state's soft and hard techniques to maintain its grasp on the region and whether it will succeed.
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  • Type 79/85 7.62 mm self-loading sniper rifles

    Development The Type 79 self-loading sniper rifle is a direct copy of the Russian SVD Dragunov. A later variant, the Type 85 appears indistinguishable from the earlier Type 79 and the former is thought to have only minor cosmetic component changes to ease production. Description Both models of