• Potential for radicalisation in South Africa rises

    The domestic terrorism threat in South Africa is currently low, but appears set to rise as a result of increasing radicalisation within the Muslim community. Robert Besseling examines the extent of the threat and the authorities' ability to respond effectively.
  • Calabrian mafia extends international reach

    The 'Ndrangheta mafia organisation has spread its influence beyond Europe through a complex network of alliances and bloodlines. Anna Sergi explores the group's internationalisation and the challenges of detecting its underworld criminal operations
  • Flare-ups likely in Russia-Ukraine standoff

    The conflict in southeastern Ukraine shows no sign of ending, with the Minsk II peace accords effectively dead and the military initiative currently resting in Moscow's hands. Mark Galeotti examines Russia's strategy and the possible future of the ongoing dispute.
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  • Type 79/85 7.62 mm self-loading sniper rifles

    Development The Type 79 self-loading sniper rifle is a direct copy of the Russian SVD Dragunov. A later variant, the Type 85 appears indistinguishable from the earlier Type 79 and the former is thought to have only minor cosmetic component changes to ease production. Description Both models of