• China's ICBM modernisation alters threat profile

    China's continuing ballistic missile modernisation programme is expanding the range of its targeting options. Sean O'Connor examines the implications for the country's nuclear posture towards the United States, as well as regional states such as Russia and India.
  • Civil conflict re-ignites in South Sudan

    By looking to alter South Sudan's federal structure, President Salva Kiir has reignited civil conflict in the country. Amid ongoing fighting, Michael Horton considers the bleak prospects for an end to the conflict, even if the country's neighbours intervene.
  • Tajikistan seeks Russian protection from crises

    External threats to Tajikistan make the return of Russian troops to active duty at the Tajik-Afghan border increasingly likely. Alex Kokcharov examines the implications of threats to the country's stability and its position relative to Russia's sphere of influence.
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  • SDSR 2015: Review sees big gains for combat aviation

    Aviation is the big winner in the UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), with some aircraft being spared the axe, others seeing their service lives extended, some being procured in larger numbers than had previously been supposed, old mothballed capabilities being reconstituted with new
  • NORM wisdom: Portal cuts nuisance alarms

    Radiation portal monitor (RPM) technology is being trialled for cargo screening at an unnamed Western European capital city airport. The patented Discovery RPM from Symetrica is designed to discriminate accurately between potential threat radioactive sources and naturally occurring radioactive