• Colombia accelerates peace talks with FARC

    Positive negotiations between the government and the FARC signal a serious opportunity to end the 50-year insurgency. Grant Hurst examines how the peace talks are likely to affect the FARC, the smaller ELN insurgent group, and criminal groups across the country.
  • South Sudan plummets towards total collapse

    A conflict between rival ethnic factions has halted the new country's development and brought it to the brink of economic collapse. Duncan Woodside examines three scenarios for the country's future, from reconciliation between the warring parties to state failure.
  • India and China work towards closer relations

    Ahead of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's May visit to China, Bibhu Prasad Routray examines the tensions in the bilateral relationship as the two regional powers compete for influence and a greater share of trade opportunities in the Southeast Asian region.
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  • Type 79/85 7.62 mm self-loading sniper rifles

    Development The Type 79 self-loading sniper rifle is a direct copy of the Russian SVD Dragunov. A later variant, the Type 85 appears indistinguishable from the earlier Type 79 and the former is thought to have only minor cosmetic component changes to ease production. Description Both models of