• Best and worst: preparing navies for all possible worlds

    With strategic shifts continuing to re-shape the global strategic balance, Professor Geoffrey Till considers how navies might respond to such shifts and the force structure choices and challenges they face as a result
  • US presidential election's impact on Syrian war

    The Syrian government will enter 2017 buoyed by Russian support and the election of a US president who is unlikely to pose an existential threat. Barak Barfi reports from Damascus and Aleppo on how the Trump presidency will change the conflict's dynamics.
  • Australia faces struggle with strategic alliances

    Australia's relationships with China and the United States will be increasingly difficult to balance. In the wake of the US presidential election and subsequent policy uncertainty, and growing assertiveness from Beijing, John Bruni examines the outlook for Canberra.
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  • UK begins receiving UKMFTS training helos

    The rotary-wing (RW) portion of the UK Military Flight Training System (UKMFTS) programme took a step forward with the announcement on 8 December that the first of 29 Airbus Helicopters H135 Juno platforms had arrived in-country. Helicopter G-CJIW arrived at Airbus Helicopters' UK headquarters at