• Riverine warriors: The Colombian Marine Corps

    This year, on the 80th anniversary of its formation, the Colombian Marine Corps is characterised by an evolving security environment, marked by the progress made in the implementation of the peace accord between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) following six decades of armed conflict. Erwan de Cherisey reports
  • Punching above their weight: the role of small nations in global operations

    The United States, China, Russia, and other large nations are the world’s great military powers, acting as the dominant players in their regions and beyond. However, smaller nations make a range of significant contributions, particularly in their work with multilateral institutions and military missions. Gerrard Cowan investigates
  • Ice melt opens up increased Arctic maritime and military activity

    The prospect of global warming leading to ice-free navigation in the Arctic Ocean raises commercial opportunities as well as the risks of military conflict. Dr Jeffrey Mazo and Dr Lee Willett examine the long-term indicators of inter-state competition as Russia expands its military footprint in the region
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