• Hybrid warfare: An evolving threat

    As NATO prepares for its next summit at the end of the month, Brooks Tigner reports on the persistent threat that hybrid warfare presents to NATO and EU forces
  • Crypto-drug markets adapt to law enforcement intervention

    Crypto-drug markets are readily accessible on the dark net for purchases of controlled substances. Dave Bewley-Taylor examines how law enforcement challenges can be balanced with potential benefits such as identification of harmful substances and the phenomena of markets' self-disruption
  • Insurgent threats intensify in Egypt

    The Islamic State's Egyptian affiliate Wilayat Sinai has maintained a steady tempo of attacks and expanded beyond the Sinai Peninsula. Michael Horton analyses the government's strategy for combating the group and other gathering insurgent challenges
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  • Algeria confirms PLZ45 acquisition

    The Algerian military confirmed on 22 May that it has taken delivery of Chinese-made 155 mm PLZ45 self-propelled howitzers when it released imagery showing them being used during an exercise. A photograph and video of six PLZ45s firing were released during a visit by chief-of staff Lieutenant