• Australia announces innovation investments

    The Australian government has announced the initial investments to be made through its Defence Innovation Hub, which was launched in December 2016 to support the progression of indigenous technologies through to operational capabilities. Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne said on 27

  • Malaysia, Singapore, Thai navies mount search for fugitive vessel

    Key Points Regional navies are currently searching for perpetrators behind a hijack-for-siphoning case off Malaysia Incident has sparked fears that oil siphoning attacks could be making a come-back in the region after a lull of more than one year The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), the Royal

  • US-led coalition says Islamic State foreign fighters now trapped

    Foreign fighters loyal to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq are trapped with "little chance" of reaching Europe as the noose draws in around Mosul and Al-Raqqah, according to Major General Rupert Jones, the deputy commander of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition. "Their capital

  • Aerial confrontation increases over the Baltic Sea

    The Estonian and Lithuanian authorities have reported that in the seven days ending 20 June NATO jets have scrambled 32 times from their air bases at Ämari in Estonia and Siauliai in Lithuania to identify and escort incoming Russian warplanes over the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. This

  • Despite ultimatum, military action against Qatar remains unlikely, but would be sudden and swift

    On 23 June, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE submitted a list of 13 demands to Qatar with a 10-day ultimatum. The demands include handing over opposition members from the four countries who are now resident in Qatar, shutting down al-Jazeera, downgrading ties with Iran, and shutting down a


  • Russia encounters hurdles in satellite development and expansion

    Russia is working to increase the number of intelligence satellites it operates, but its fleet remains small and increasingly outdated. Bart Hendrickx examines the status of Russia's satellite intelligence capabilities and considers the outlook for future programmes
  • New-model African armies

    Following their independence, most Sub-Saharan and East African militaries tended to use second-hand military equipment donated by former colonial powers, as well as the United States, the Soviet Union, and China. Jeremy Binnie and Erwan de Cherisey report on how that trend is changing
  • Desert watchers: MINUSMA's intelligence capabilities

    The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) is currently the only UN peacekeeping operation with an organic military intelligence-gathering and processing capability. Erwan de Cherisey reports
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