• US strike fails to stem CW use in Syria

    The United States responded to the use of sarin in Syria with a cruise missile strike on Shayrat Air Base. Geoffrey Chapman and Alessandra Giovanzanti assess the possible impact of future chemical attacks by the Syrian government and likely international responses
  • North Korea ups pace of ballistic missile launches

    North Korea has conducted more ballistic missile launches since 2011 than it did in the previous two decades under Kim Jong-il. Nick Hansen surveys the country's ballistic missile programme and analyses the possible motivations for its acceleration
  • Hypersonics disrupt global strategic stability

    Hypersonic technology offers the potential to strike any point on Earth within an hour. Heather Williams examines the impact of current programmes on the strategic balance between the major nuclear powers and the prospect for arms control agreements
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  • Tensions increase in Syria after Su-22 shoot-down

    Russia announced for a second time that it had suspended an agreement aimed at preventing accidents in Syrian airspace after the US-led coalition shot down a Syrian Su-22 jet on 18 June: a development that reflected a growing confrontation as pro-government forces attempt to contain coalition-backed