• JTIC Global Attack Index 2014

    From open source data collected across the course of 2014, IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre recorded a total of 20,311 attacks by non-state armed groups and a total of 48,786 non-militant fatalities. Although the recorded number of attacks decreased slightly by 6.5% from 2013, in the same period the recorded number of fatalities increased by 17.6%, underlining the intensification of several key insurgencies.
  • US foreign policy priorities through to 2017

    US presidents are traditionally weaker as they approach the last years of their mandate. Chuck Cushman analyses which global hotspots and foreign policy issues will demand presidential attention in the coming two years, and what role Congress might play.
  • China bids for prime regional economic position

    A number of diplomatic and trade agreements designed to enhance China's centrality to the Asia-Pacific region have underlined the country's dominance. Christian Le Mière assesses whether China can tip the balance against the United States' political influence.
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  • Imagery shows heliport on China's Nanji Islands

    Satellite imagery analysis by IHS Jane's has confirmed that China is building a military base on islands 300 km away from the dispute Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. The imagery, captured on 13 October 2014 by Airbus Defence and Space's Pleaides satellite, shows a heliport with 10 landing pads in the


  • ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection and Monitoring System

    Type Nuclear detection - Sensor system. Development The Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems (previously Siemens Power Generation, Radiation Monitoring) ANV S2-FV Radiation Detection and Monitoring System was developed to provide ground vehicles with mobile nuclear detection

  • World urban tram and light rail systems

    (excluding museum, rural and purely interurban lines) Some 430 light rail and tramway systems are operating in cities and towns worldwide, some serving urban areas too small to be covered in the following pages. Below is a comprehensive list of all major urban LRT and tramway systems. * indicates a

  • Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

    Development Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is understood to have been a company funded development. Sources suggest that the Republic of Korea government approved the design in August 2012, with military evaluation following from 2014. Full-rate production will commence in 2016. Available

  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) microphone adapters

    Type Audio accessory Description Selex ES provides a range of adapters to interface the boom microphone fitted to all standard Selex headsets to most in-service CBRN respirators. These adapters enable voice to be transmitted while wearing NBC protective clothing and, depending upon the