• Suicide attack kills at least 15 people in Afghanistan's Kabul

    AT LEAST 15 people, including eight police officers, were killed when a suicide bomber detonated their explosives targeting a meeting of the ethnic Tajik Jamiat-i-Islami party at a checkpoint outside the Qasr-e Nawin hotel in the Khair Khana area of Afghanistan's capital Kabul on 16 November, Afghan

  • Unidentified militants kill two LNA soldiers in Libya's Cyrenaica

    MEDIA reports on 16 November stated that two Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers had been killed when unidentified militants opened fire targeting their vehicle near Derna in Libya's Cyrenaica region on an earlier unspecified date, Libya Herald reported. No group immediately claimed responsibility

  • Colombian MoD to create peacekeeping unit

    The Colombian Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to establish a joint task force of 900 troops to participate in UN peacekeeping operations, it announced on 16 November. The task force will reportedly include an aerial unit, two infantry companies, support staff, and a 140-strong police unit. Female

  • Spain considers relocating Canary Islands naval base

    Spain is to look at moving its naval base on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, defence minister María Dolores de Cospedal announced on 15 November. However, while she promised a commission to study possible new locations would be set up between the Ministry of Defence and local authorities by

  • Turkey withdraws troops from NATO exercise

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on 17 November that Turkey has withdrawn 40 Turkish troops from a NATO military drill in Norway in which he and Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, were listed in an “enemy chart”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg apologised for

  • USAF mulling better defended satellites

    US Air Force (USAF) Space Command (AFSPC) hopes to better defend its space assets that peer adversaries may target, and expects to try defending a potentially forthcoming missile warning satellite. Major General David Thompson, special assistant to the AFSPC commander, said adversaries may use

  • Dossier shows ‘Iranian’ missile that landed in Saudi Arabia

    Key Points The Saudi-led coalition has compiled a dossier of evidence of Iranian military support for Yemen’s rebels. It includes photographs of a ballistic missile that landed in Saudi Arabia. The remnants of at least one Iranian Qiam ballistic missile have been recovered in Saudi Arabia,

  • Multicarrier drills help USN develop new CSG operational concepts

    The rare convergence of three carrier strike groups (CSGs) this month in the Western Pacific provided US Navy (USN) planners a chance to combine the disparate forces in novel ways compared with traditional deployments. “This is a unique opportunity,” Rear Admiral Gregory Harris,

  • China reveals more details about locally developed electromagnetic catapult

    Further details have been revealed about China’s development of a conventionally powered electromagnetic catapult that will reportedly be fitted onto the second of the country’s indigenously built aircraft carriers, commonly referred to as the Type 002. Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, director

  • Lebanese PM's resignation extends political paralysis, and facilitates political case for Israeli war

    Key Points An extended period of political paralysis is likely, raising the risk of the delay of Lebanese elections and of the inability to form a cabinet if elections are held as scheduled in May 2018. Should Hizbullah manage to form a cabinet regardless, this would indicate a much higher risk of

  • Management of Australia’s strategic risk becoming more demanding, warn strategists

    Two of Australia’s leading strategic thinkers have warned that Australia’s strategic outlook is deteriorating and that for the first time since the Second World War the country faces an increased prospect of threat from a major power. Writing in a research paper for the Australian

  • Chinese armour plays prominent role in Zimbabwe coup

    The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) made extensive use of Chinese-made Type 89 armoured vehicles during what appeared to be a bloodless coup that ousted President Robert Mugabe on 14 November. Photographs and video footage of ZNA deployments around the capital Harare showed multiple Type YW534s, the

  • Likely series of prosecutions of senior Indonesian politicians will reduce preferential treatment of politically connected local firms

    Event On 15 November, Setya Novanto, the parliamentary speaker and chairperson of the Golkar party, a junior partner in Indonesia's ruling coalition, fled his private residence shortly before anti-corruption officials and the police arrived to arrest him. Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication

  • Security forces kill two would-be Islamic State militants in Iraq's Kirkuk

    In al-Zab, Kirkuk province, the Iraqi Security Forces killed two Islamic State would-be suicide bombers who targeted them.

  • Suspected Wilayat Gharb Afriqiyya militants kill 14 people in Nigeria's Borno

    FOURTEEN people were killed and 29 others were wounded when two male and two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives targeting Muna Gari community near Maiduguri in Nigeria's Borno state on 15 November, This Day reported. The first suicide bomber detonated their explosives at a prayer

  • DARPA’s XAI seeks explanations from autonomous systems

    Through its Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) programme, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on technologies to enable autonomous systems to better explain their actions. In situations where autonomous systems provide analysts with information about

  • Mattis: Cyber, space, and USN fleet emerge as key focus areas for FY 2019

    Cyber concerns, space, and the US Navy (USN) fleet loom large as Pentagon planners are working on a fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) budget that is expected to include a longer-term plan for growing the US military, according to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. “We’re looking at what changes

  • Mattis: Security progress in Afghanistan to be quantitatively and qualitatively measured

    The US, Afghan, and coalition partner governments will constantly measure and report – quantitatively and qualitatively – on conditions in Afghanistan, as the military campaign there will no longer use timelines. The US and Afghan governments reached an agreement outlining over 100

  • UAE base in Somaliland under construction

    Construction of a United Arab Emirates naval base in the separatist region of Somaliland has begun, according to a UN report released on 8 November. It was announced in February that Somaliland’s parliament had approved the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) request to establish a military

  • Chile eyes helicopters, landing craft to augment amphibious assault capabilities

    The Chilean Navy has launched two tenders, one for four second-hand medium transport helicopters and another for an unspecified number of landing craft vessels, local military sources have told Jane’s . The helicopters, expected to be Eurocopter AS332L2 Super Puma Mk IIs, would fulfil a

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