• Pakistan by-election result indicates declining support for ruling party in Punjab and a coalition government in 2018

    Event On 18 September, the Election Commission of Pakistan announced that Kulsoom Nawaz – the wife of ousted former prime minister Nawaz Sharif – had won the by-election for the National Assembly constituency 120 (NA-120). NA-120 was left vacant by Sharif after he was dismissed by the

  • Baltic conflict simulation concludes Poland is wasting valuable time

    Key Points The latest wargaming of a Russian invasion of the Baltic states and Poland has brought out some harsh lessons about the latter's ability to prevail The key issue is the glacial pace of Polish defence procurement From 12-14 September the Baltic Hegemon wargaming exercise had its second

  • Argentine Air Force buying liaison aircraft

    The Argentine Air Force is finalising a deal to buy eight liaison aircraft, after Ministry of Defence approval, to begin replacing its fleet of ageing locally built Cessna 182 and Piper Seneca aircraft. The replacements are being purchased through the International Civil Aviation Organization and

  • Bolivia eyes Argentine IA-63 Pampa III light strike jets

    The Bolivian government is considering buying light strike aircraft, riverine vessels, and more from Argentina, military sources in Buenos Aires told Jane's . Bolivia's main interest is buying between 8 and 12 IA-63 Pampa III light strike aircraft, to be built at Argentina's Fábrica Argentina

  • Brazil, South Korea look to naval collaboration

    Brazil and South Korea are looking to expand defence industrial ties on naval programmes, following a meeting between Brazilian and Korean officials on 19 September. A delegation from South Korea’s Defence Acquisition Programme Authority (DAPA), met with officials from the Brazilian Ministry

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  • Syrian troops cross Euphrates

    Key Points Syrian government forces have established a bridgehead on the eastern side of the Euphrates The SAA is now in a position to secure crucial oil fields and prevent the SDF advancing further down the Euphrates valley Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops have staged a river crossing to set up a
  • North Korea releases images of IRBM launch

    North Korea has released images of its 15 September test launch of a Hwaseong-12 (also known as KN-17) intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) that flew over northern Japan. The missile was launched in a northeasterly direction from a site near the Sunan air base, in the vicinity of Pyongyang,