• Internal divide diminishes yakuza's influence

    Since its split in 2015, one of Japan's oldest and most powerful yakuza groups has been at war with itself. Jake Adelstein examines the relatively non-violent gang conflict this provoked and the outlook for the future of the country's organised crime groups.
  • Rotary recap: UK helicopter renewal continues apace

    After years of neglect that resulted in a political crisis during the Afghanistan war, the UK's helicopter fleet is beginning to see the fruits of a long-overdue multi-billion-pound renewal programme. Gareth Jennings examines this effort, which is seeing additional platforms procured, old types replaced with new ones, and trusted workhorses upgraded with additional capabilities.
  • Tomorrow's fighter, today: Saab promises future for Gripen C/D and eyes further opportunities

    The Gripen C/D combat aircraft will not be left to fade into obsolescence once its newer and more capable Gripen E/F stablemate enters the scene, with Saab promising future upgrades for the platform as it seeks to secure additional sales. Gareth Jennings explores the future growth plans for Saab's bantamweight fighter.
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  • Mexican Navy commits in strength to 'RIMPAC 2016'

    The Mexican Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) announced on 27 June that it will participate in the upcoming US-sponsored 'Rim of the Pacific 2016' ('RIMPAC 2016') naval multinational exercise off the coast of southern California. The Mexican Navy's commitment is the most significant ever made by