• UK amphibious headquarters to disappear in merger

    The UK’s standalone two-star amphibious headquarters is to be lost in a shake-up of maritime command and control organisations by the Royal Navy (RN), which controls the country’s amphibious shipping and the Royal Marines landing forces. The Commander UK Amphibious Forces

  • Bulgarian C-27Js and Su-25s flying again

    Bulgarian Air Force (BuAF) twin-engine Leonardo C-27J Spartan tactical transport and Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft are flying again after they were recently grounded due to an inability to service them. A BuAF C-27J, along with Spartans from Romania and Lithuania, is flying at the 16-26 April

  • India withdraws from FGFA project, leaving Russia to go it alone

    Key Points India has pulled out of its 11-year collaborative programme with Russia to build a Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft The decision has ramifications for both the IAF and the Russian aerospace industry The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shelved its 11-year old collaborative Fifth Generation

  • Collapse of government after no-confidence vote indicates growing power of Kyrgyz President, reducing political instability risks

    Event On 19 April 2018, 101 MPs out of 120 in the Kyrgyz legislature supported a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Sapar Isakov’s government, which has failed to maintain power for even a year. This marks the first time in Kyrgyzstan’s history that the government has been

  • Cubic to sell military training business

    Cubic Corporation has agreed the sale of its military training business Cubic Global Defense Services, the company announced on 19 April. The division is to be sold to fellow US defence supplier Valiant Integrated Services at a cost of USD135 million. Chairman, president and chief executive officer


  • Still soaring: Boeing takes F-15 Eagle to the next level

    The first F-15s became operational more than 45 years ago, but the latest aircraft rolling off the St Louis production line bear little resemblance to those early machines. Gareth Jennings explores Boeing’s ongoing efforts to keep the venerable Eagle at the forefront of military capabilities
  • Testing tempo: The role of special forces in the 21st Century

    With governments within NATO changing their attitude to conventional force intervention, special forces have become the immediate response for nations endorsing a new approach to regional security. However, there is concern that special forces cannot sustain the current high tempo of operations being asked of them. David Reynolds examines the political drivers behind the demand to employ such units
  • Syria after the caliphate: Manbij poised between conflicts

    Derek Henry Flood reports from Manbij in northern Syria, charting the city’s power dynamics and precarious situation as the fight against the Islamic State has given way to competing interests
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  • Iraqi F-16s strikes Islamic State in Syria

    Iraq has flown a raid against Islamic State targets in Syria, the prime minister’s office announced on 19 April. An undisclosed number of Iraqi Air Force (IqAF) combat aircraft carried out the strikes on unspecified Islamic State targets on the Syrian side of the border, according to a tweet
  • Yemeni rebels target Saudi oil industry

    Key Points Yemeni rebels have announced three attacks on Aramco facilities The Saudi-led coalition blamed them for an attack on an oil tanker The Yemeni rebel group Ansar Allah (Houthis) claimed to have carried out three rocket attacks on Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) facilities in 10 days