• European officials rebuff Trump's 'NATO obsolete' comment

    European officials have widely sought to refute remarks by US President-elect Donald Trump that NATO is outdated and underfunded for fighting terrorism and other security threats. Trump aired his views about NATO, as well as views on Russia, and the European Union (EU) being set to fall apart,

  • UK orders Crowsnest helicopter radar systems

    The United Kingdom has awarded a GBP269 million (USD327 million) contract to Lockheed Martin to build Crowsnest airborne surveillance and control (ASaC) systems for the Royal Navy. Crowsnest is the replacement for the service's Sea King ASaC.7 (SKASaC) helicopters, due to retire in September 2018.

  • UK's preferred sector-by-sector approach increases likelihood of initial disagreement with EU in upcoming Brexit talks on free trade

    Key Points The UK government's decision to exit the EU's free-trading single market, as well as large parts of the customs union, will oblige it to seek a bespoke free-trade agreement with the bloc, along with yet-to-be-defined collaboration on defence, the fight against terrorism, research and

  • Amec Foster Wheeler secures UK naval nuclear propulsion contract

    Key Points Amec Foster Wheeler will supply research and technology service to the UK's Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme The five-year contract is worth GBP35 million Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a five-year, GBP35 million (USD43 million) contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to

  • DRS gears up for electric, hybrid drive potential

    Concerns over security and long-term energy costs will still drive the equipment market despite recent dips in fuel prices that have somewhat dampened interest in developing hybrid and electric drive propulsion plants for naval ships, predicted Greg Reed, a senior business development director for

  • Estonia approves co-operation agreement with US

    The government of Estonia has approved a new defence co-operation agreement with the US designed to specify the legal status of US service members who spend time in Estonia, the country's Ministry of Defence announced on 13 January. The agreement, a status of forces treaty, also covers US

  • EXPAL Systems, Proytecsa Security merging

    Two Spanish companies are joining forces to collaborate on the disposal of explosives ordnance and improvised explosive devices using remotely operated vehicles. EXPAL Systems and Proytecsa Security announced the accord on 17 January, saying their alliance would enable them to react to "new

  • Patria announces cancer research offset project in Croatia

    Finnish defence group Patria has announced the financing and support of cancer research in Croatia. The initiative is an offset project linked to Patria's sale of Armoured Modular Vehicles (AMV) to Croatia in 2007 and 2009; transactions which carried a 100% offset obligation. Under the latest

  • Rain Cell militants claim responsibility for attack on police vehicle depot in the UK's Bristol

    IN A STATEMENT released on 1 July, Rain Cell militants claimed responsibility for an incendiary device attack on a police vehicle depot near Poplar Way East near Avonmouth suburb of Bristol in the United Kingdom, 325 NoState reported.

  • South Korea announces helicopter acquisitions and upgrades

    South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has announced plans to bolster the rotary-wing capabilities of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. In a notice published on 17 January DAPA said it is procuring additional platforms under the Republic of Korea Navy's (RoKN's) Maritime

  • Thales to upgrade Swiss air surveillance radars

    Thales has won a contract from Switzerland to upgrade the Master radars within its military air surveillance radar network, IHS Jane's can reveal. Worth EUR74 million (USD79.2 million), the contract will see "the modernisation of all the fixed long-range surveillance radars" within

  • USN's OTH missile battle heats up

    Key Points The USN's OTH RFP is expected to be published in early 2017 There is no mention of platform constraints and how the missile's size and weight will be an issue With the recent release of a draft request for proposals (RFPs) for the US Navy (USN) over-the-horizon (OTH) missile for the

  • Australia's Future Submarine selection criticised by former ASC head

    The concept behind the Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A submarine selected to replace Australia's Collins-class fleet has been criticised by the person who was responsible for the construction of the Collins-class boats. Should the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) hold firm to the concept offered by French

  • Airbus DS demonstrates helicopter refuelling from C295W airlifter

    Airbus Defence and Space (DS) recently demonstrated the ability of the C295W medium transport aircraft to conduct aerial refuelling with a helicopter. The demonstration, which took place in December but was not announced until 17 January, saw the C295W perform a series of contacts with an Airbus

  • Estonian MoD outlines plans for cyber range

    Developing a state-of-the-art cyber range and improving the level of automation in a number of aspects of its functionalities are amongst the Estonian Defence Forces' (EDF's) plans to enhance this capability. Speaking to IHS Jane's, Kusti Salm, National Armaments Director at the Estonian Ministry

  • Rolls-Royce reaches USD813 million settlements to end corruption investigations

    Rolls-Royce has reached penalty agreements with authorities in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and United States totalling GBP671 million (USD813 million) to bring to an end bribery and corruption investigations concerning the UK aerospace and energy group's activities in a number of international

  • Bitdefender buys Profil Technology

    Romanian cyber security company Bitdefender reached a deal to buy French group Profil Technology, the company announced on 17 January. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Bitdefender called the deal the biggest in the company's history. Bitdefender already has a position in 150 countries, but

  • China's Kuang-Chi invests in UK technology firm

    The Kuang-Chi Group, a Chinese technology developer, has announced that it is investing USD30 million in Gilo Industries, a UK-based firm involved in aerospace and engineering activities. Kuang-Chi, which is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, said in a press release on 16 January that the

  • Crowsnest ASaC manufacture contract confirmed

    Key Points Crowsnest will use an updated and improved version of the Thales Cerberus mission suite and Searchwater radar New Merlin-based system will replace the RN's SKASaC when it goes out of service in late 2018 Lockheed Martin UK Integrated Systems is to deliver the UK Royal Navy's (RN's) new

  • Hungary purchases light aircraft from Zlin

    Hungary's ministry of defence (MoD) has purchased four light training and reconnaissance aircraft from Zlin Aircraft, the MoD told IHS Jane's. The piston engine aircraft, two Z-242L two-seat basic training and two Z-143LSi four-seat reconnaissance/utility aircraft, are scheduled to arrive at the