• IAI targets expansion in Mexico

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is establishing a new office in Mexico, the company announced on 5 December, which will help facilitate further in-country sales. An opening event for the new office was held by the company and the Israeli ambassador to Mexico, Jonathan Peled, with all interested

  • Key US lawmaker calls for Pentagon to consider ending conflicts to stem readiness issue

    Key Points A US lawmaker is calling for the Pentagon to consider ending certain conflicts He believes this would help stem a readiness crisis among equipment and personnel A key US lawmaker suggests the Pentagon consider ending some conflicts while using additional allied forces to help stem what

  • US Army to directly commission cyber professionals

    The US Army has kicked off a pilot programme for direct commissioning of civilian cyber professionals to help grow the military's overall cyber workforce. Jobs for cyber operations officers (known as military occupational specialty 17A) are now open to direct commissioning, similar to how civilian

  • Alcon announces defence investment

    Alcon has announced plans to invest GBP2 million (USD2.69 million) into its defence and security business to meet requirements coming from the Europe, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The brake and clutch manufacturer has seen most success in the motorsport sector, but

  • Analysis: Wings over the ocean – US Navy charts future course for carrier aviation

    Key Points Having been the sole preserve of the F/A-18 Hornet-series combat aircraft for more than a decade, the tactical air support element of the USN's CAWsis set to be joined in the coming years by the F-35C Lightning II at what is to be a pivotal point in the service's aviation history. When

  • Brazilian government authorises purchase of UK’s HMS Ocean

    Brazil’s Ministry of Defence on 1 December authorised the navy to begin efforts to purchase the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean landing platform helicopter (LPH). The Brazilian Navy requested this authorisation in early 2017 after a decision to retire its NAe São Paulo aircraft carrier,

  • First AAF pilots of UH-60 Black Hawks graduate

    Six Afghan Air Force (AAF) members became the first-ever AAF pilots of UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters after graduating from aircraft qualification training on 20 November, according to a 4 December statement by the US Air Force (USAF). "I am happily announcing that today [20 November] a

  • Honduras faces weeks of protests amid contested presidential election, likely resulting in operational delays, commercial property damage

    Key Points Some police units have refused to follow orders in enforcing a government-imposed curfew, potentially reducing the government’s capacity to enforce security. Supply chain disruptions and cargo transit delays are likely to be resolved before the end of the year. Protracted

  • Special forces upgrade cyber-warfare capabilities

    Key Points Initiatives are being examined across the international special operations community to increase defensive and offensive toolsets for tactical cyber-warfare applications. Desired capabilities include pre-strike cyber ‘artillery barrages’, malware insertion to disable enemy

  • USAF sets out F-16 SLEP timeline

    The US Air Force (USAF) has outlined the proposed timeline for the planned service-life extension programme (SLEP) of its fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft, with questions from industry being answered on 4 December. Having issued a request for proposal for the F-16 SLEP

  • Violent risks intelligence bulletin – 5 December 2017

    Americas Argentina – 04 December 2017: Workers’ unions, social organisations, and left-wing parties planned a protest march on 6 December to oppose the government’s labour reforms. Brazil – 04 December 2017: In Blumenau, Santa Catarina, the authorities ordered police

  • AMRJ to complete third patrol ship for Brazilian Navy

    Brazil’s state-owned shipyard Arsenal de Guerra do Rio de Janeiro (AMRJ), beginning in 2018, will work to complete construction of a third Macaé-class coastal patrol ship for the Brazilian Navy. The ship, Maracanã (P 72), already mostly built, was sent to AMRJ in Rio de Janeiro from

  • Brazil launches effort to modernise Cascavel ARVs

    The Brazilian Army on 1 December approved guidelines for a project to modernise its EE-9 Cascavel 6x6 armored reconnaissance vehicle (ARV), which is armed with a turreted 90 mm Cockerill Mk2 low-pressure gun. Several cavalry units field 409 Cascavels (comprising 157 Mk IIs, 37 Mk VIs, and 215 Mk

  • Improper radar operation cited in USS Champlain collision

    The 9 May collision between USS Champlain (CG 57) and South Korean fishing vessel Nam Yang 502 might have been avoided if the bridge watch team aboard the US Navy (USN) guided-missile cruiser had maintained a proper radar track, according to a USN memorandum on the mishap. “Watch team members

  • US, South Korea kick off joint ‘Vigilant Ace 18’ aerial exercise

    Units from the Republic of Korea (RoK) and the United States commenced on 4 December the five-day ‘Vigilant Ace 18’ aerial exercise amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula over Pyongyang’s testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The air combat exercise, which

  • USMC needs more ships for training, GAO tells Congress

    A lack of ships still represents the biggest training impediment facing the US Marine Corps (USMC), according to testimony by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). “Based on our analysis of interviews with 23 Marine Corps units, we found that all units cited the lack of available

  • Boeing plans new Super Hornet capabilities

    Key Points Boeing is planning new Super Hornet capability enhancements These include a new IRST sensor, conformal fuel tanks, and a computing processor Boeing plans to fully incorporate a number of improvements to the F/A-18 Super Hornet multirole fighter by the end of 2020, according to a

  • Ecuador’s ASTINAVE delivers last OPV, future orders are unclear

    The Ecuadorian Navy commissioned its Isla Isabela (LG 31) ocean patrol vessel (OPV) on 29 November, completing Plan Apolo that covered construction of two 5009 OPVs by Ecuador’s state-run shipyard Astilleros Navales Ecuatorianos (ASTINAVE). The other vessel, Isla San Cristobal (LG 30), was

  • Passage of Colombian transitional justice courts legislation improves outlook for FARC peace agreement, but legislative hurdles remain

    Key Points A key piece of transitional justice legislation supporting the peace agreement was passed on 30 November, removing a major risk to the agreement. However, outstanding legislation to implement political and rural reform is now unlikely to be passed before the March 2018 legislative

  • US risks losing advantage in space to China and Russia, warn top Pentagon officials

    The US advantage in space over countries such as China and Russia is being eroded, and the US military “must move faster to maintain a lead in this critical warfighting domain”, the Department of Defense (DoD) in Washington quoted Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson and General