• IDEX 2017: IOMAX Archangel 3 Armed ISR

    24 Feb 2017
    IOMAX USA pilot, Adam Gobbo, talks us through the features and capabilities of the Archangel 3.
  • IDEX 2017: Chinese VT4 - Show debut

    20 Feb 2017
    Christopher F Foss looks at the Chinese VT-4. Previously known as the MBT3000, this variant is marketed by Norinco for overseas export.
  • [Sponsored content]: Start Your Mission with Textron Systems Shadow® M2

    15 Feb 2017
    With greater endurance and payload capacity than currently fielded TUAS, Textron Systems Shadow M2 brings benchmark-setting, multi-mission performance in its class -- strategic-level capability at a TUAS size, price point and operational cost.
  • Islamic State video reveals Turkish defeat in Syria

    10 Feb 2017
    Jane’s recently identified the precise locations of Turkish armoured vehicles that were destroyed by the Islamic State during an attempt to capture the Syrian city of Al-Bab in December.
  • Intel Briefing - Frigates on the front line: Naval operations and procurement

    06 Feb 2017
    While much of the procurement focus across many of the world's navies over the last decade as focused on higher-end capabilities, today an increasing number of navies of different shapes and sizes are looking to invest in frigate programmes.
  • The far-right threat in Germany

    01 Feb 2017
    A look at the threat from far right extremists, exploring recent activity and targeting of these actors and other threats in Germany.
  • Intel Briefing - Interdicting ISIS: Employment of Air-Launched Weapons in Syria and Iraq

    30 Jan 2017
    The conflict against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria has provided a fertile ground for delivering a wide range of air-launched weapons. This briefing examines the strategic situation, the types of aircraft employed, and weapons being used.
  • Global defence export opportunities

    25 Jan 2017
    An examination of opportunities in the global export markets, and a look at the future direction through awarded and unawarded contracts.
  • Striking Islamic State - The UK's contribution to airstrikes

    16 Jan 2017
    What is the UK's contribution to airstrikes against Islamic State, what are the weapons used, and what targets are being engaged?
  • Gulf Defence Markets - An overview

    06 Jan 2017
    The Arabian Peninsula continues to be a major market for defence equipment. In addition to modernisation, governments in the region are becoming increasingly involved in local operations, which is likely to have an impact on future procurement plans.
  • IDEX 2017 Preview

    03 Jan 2017
    A brief preview of what to expect at the International Defence Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi 19-23 February 2017.
  • Intelligence futures

    28 Dec 2016
    JIR has begun a series of features on the nature of future national intelligence collection, given the explosion of publicly available information and the challenges of the digital revolution to traditional HUMINT and SIGINT collection agencies.