• AUSA 2017: Show preview

    09 Oct 2017
    Jane's correspondent, Patrick Allen, gives us an overview of what to expect from AUSA 2017.
  • Outlook for US-North Korea confrontation

    09 Oct 2017
    Conflict on the Korean peninsula is unlikely, but what's different now? North Korea's advancing weapons capabilities, and the apparent change in the US and North Korea's positions on approaching the other's red lines, increase the risks of miscalculation and escalation toward conflict.
  • [SPONSORED] Textron Systems: G-CLAW - Flexible delivery. Precision effects.

    01 Oct 2017
    Textron Systems has engineered, tested and demonstrated a small, lightweight, precision glide weapon called G-CLAW™. It features a GPS-aided INS with Semi-Active Laser guidance, proportional control actuation system and a 20 pound shaped charge warhead with fragmentation sleeve optimized for anti-personnel, vehicles (including light armor), watercraft and light structures.
  • [SPONSORED] Lightweight Cased Telescoped Systems

    01 Oct 2017
    Textron Systems Cased Telescoped (CT) Weapons and Ammunition is the next-generation of weapon systems delivering improved maneuverability and performance at 40 percent less weight than current systems. Weapons are offered in 5.56mm CT Light Machine Gun (LMG), a 7.62mm CT Medium Machine Gun (MMG) and a 6.5mm CT Carbine.
  • [SPONSORED] General Dynamics Land Systems - Stryker MSL: Game over

    30 Sep 2017
    When the U.S. Army indicated a need for a short-range air defense solution, we developed the Stryker Maneuver SHORAD Launcher in only seven months. Armed with a Boeing missile launcher, the MSL is just the latest example of the Stryker platform's versatility. This is next-generation firepower.
  • DSEI 2017: Jankel unveils the Fox RRV-x

    30 Sep 2017
    Shaun Connors talks to Mike Mullen, Jankel MD, about their new rapid response vehicle. The RRV-x combines a Toyota Hilux base with Jankel custom enhancements and automotive upgrades to give superior off-road performance and weight carrying capacity.
  • DSEI 2017: Broadsword Spine e-textile - BAE Systems

    25 Sep 2017
    Jane's correspondent, Patrick Allen, talks to BAE Systems about their e-textile system, Broadsword Spine which allows electronic devices to be plugged straight into a vest, jacket or belt to be hooked into power and data.
  • DSEI 2017: Waterborne demonstration

    18 Sep 2017
    Jane's correspondent, Patrick Allen, gives an overview of the DSEI 2017 waterborne demonstration. In a scenario called Operation MARCAP, specialised vessels and associated equipment displayed their maritime capabilities in the Thames.
  • DSEI 2017: JFD's submersible SEAL carrier

    15 Sep 2017
    Jane's correspondent, Patrick Allen, talks to JFD Sweden about their SEAL carrier which can operate covertly underwater as well as on the surface.
  • DSEI 2017: Dragonfire Debut

    14 Sep 2017
    Jane's Defence Weekly Editor, Peter Felstead, talks to QinetiQ about the debut of the Dragonfire Laser Directed Energy Weapon, being designed and built by consortium, including MDBA, QinetiQ, Leonardo, GKN, Arke, BAE Systems and Marshall ADG.
  • DSEI 2017: Diver Propulsion Device - STIDD Systems

    12 Sep 2017
    Jane's talks to STIDD Systems about their new autonomous Diver Propulsion Device.
  • DSEI 2017: Preview

    08 Sep 2017
    Jane's correspondent, Patrick Allen, gives us a taster of what we can expect from DSEI 2017.