• Jane's Defence Budgets - Global Budgets Trends 2018

    13 Mar 2018
    Source: Fenella McGerty, principal analyst
    Fenella McGerty, principal analyst provides a review of recent global defence budget developments and outlines our expectations for 2018 and beyond, including the outlook for spending in Europe and beyond NATO.
  • UGVs for the modern battlefield

    12 Mar 2018
    Source: Melanie Rovery,
    Melanie Rovery, principal research analyst, Jane's Unmanned Ground Vehicles discusses the evolution of unmanned ground operations support, including how UGVs will be used for future warfare.
  • Intel briefing: Military Airlift Renaissance: New Players in the Arena

    02 Mar 2018
    This is an extract of a 60 minute live webcast available to subscribers of Jane's Intelligence Centres. The Military Airlift market is undergoing a huge renaissance. New players, often with airliner manufacturing experience in the civil market, are entering the sector with support from their
  • Intel Briefing: US DoD FY19 Budget: FIRST LOOK FY19 PBR or more Continuing Resolutions?

    02 Mar 2018
    This extract of the online intelligence briefing represents an opportunity to gain insight from Jane's senior budget analysts regarding an initial overview of the FY19 DoD budget.
  • JDW Annual Defence Report 2017: What does this mean for 2018?

    01 Mar 2018
    Source: Peter Felstead, Editor, Jane's Defence Weekly
    With Jane’s Defence Weekly having summarised the main military-geopolitical points of last year in its 2017 Annual Defence Review, editor Peter Felstead notes a key dilemma for Western forces in seeking to main a qualitative edge over potential adversaries.
  • IAV 2018: Thales Bushmaster MR6 debut

    26 Feb 2018
    Source: Shaun Connors, Co-Editor, Jane's Logistics, Support and Unmanned
    Shaun Connors talks to Paul Harris, Director, Protected Vehicles at Thales about this new Bushmaster MR6 variant.
  • IAV 2018: Rheinmetall Defence UK Ltd - ARTEC partnership and Boxer 8x8 programme for the UK

    21 Feb 2018
    Source: Shaun Connors, Co-Editor, Jane's Logistics, Support and Unmanned
    Shaun Connors talks to Peter Hardisty, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Defence UK Ltd about their ARTEC partnership and Boxer 8x8 programme for the UK
  • JTIC 2017 World Attack Index

    19 Feb 2018
    Source: Matthew Henman, Head of Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) and Kemi Barca, Analyst, Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC)
    An overview of key trends in global terrorism, insurgency, and political violence in 2017.
  • IAV 2018: BAE Systems introduce CV90 MkIV

    13 Feb 2018
    Source: Christopher F Foss, Jane's Land Warfare Correspondent
    Christopher Foss talks to Dan Lindell, CV90 Platform Manager, BAE Systems Hägglunds about their new CV90 MkIV variant
  • OSINT and the Digital Revolution

    02 Feb 2018
    Source: Robert Munks, Editor, Jane's Intelligence Review
    Robert Munks, Editor of Jane's Intelligence Review discusses the Digital Revolution in the 2020's.
  • [Sponsor Content] Systel Rugged Computers

    01 Feb 2018
    Systel, Inc. is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom and COTS rugged computers. Systel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with systems deployed worldwide for mission-critical applications in a number of markets including Defense, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Robotics, and Process
  • [SPONSORED] Lockheed Martin - We never forget who we are working for

    01 Feb 2018
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