• Australia completes operational evaluation phase of the ScanEagle UAS

    Key Points The Royal Australian Navy has completed operational evaluation of the ScanEagle UAS Milestone paves the way for greater adoption of MUM-T operations across the service After executing a number of successful missions from an Adelaide (Oliver Hazard Perry)-class guided-missile frigate in

  • RSS 2017: Fincantieri eyes export market for its PPA

    Key Points Intention covers both the lightly armed patrol configuration and full combat version Exportability of combat configuration subject to successful BMD solution Fincantieri intends to continue an aggressive export strategy of its naval products in the future, encompassing also the latest

  • Indonesia delays decommissioning of Ahmad Yani-class frigates amid South China Sea obligations

    Key Points The Indonesian Navy has delayed the planned retirement of its ex-Royal Netherlands Navy frigates Move to ensure that the service can fulfil operational requirements and deployment obligations, especially in the South China Sea The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia –

  • More missile-equipped LCS deployments being considered

    While the US Navy (USN) continues to deliberate on awarding any contract to buy an over-the-horizon (OTH) missile for its Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) fleet, the service is considering deploying missile-armed LCSs similar to the USS Coronado (LCS 4), which features a Boeing Harpoon and

  • USN changes LCS crew makeup and looks to cut contractor force

    In the wake of recalibrating the basic crew makeup and size for its Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs), the US Navy (USN) is looking to decrease the number of civilian contractors the programme relies on to sustain LCS maintenance and operations, Captain Tom Workman, the LCS implementation team leader,

  • Davie launches Resolve-class naval support ship

    Canada’s Davie Shipbuilding launched its Resolve-class auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) conversion from the company’s yard in Quebec City on 15 October. The vessel represents the largest-ever naval vessel to be launched from a Canadian shipyard and will serve as an interim supply

  • Australia conducts inaugural trilateral security patrol with Indonesian maritime agencies

    Key Points The Australian Border Force has taken part in a co-ordinated patrol involving two Indonesian maritime agencies for the first time Improving collaboration between the two countries will enhance maritime security in Timor Sea In a sign of increasing interoperability and collaboration

  • Caspian Flotilla to relocate headquarters

    The Russian Ministry of Defence has announced that it will be closing the headquarters of the Caspian Flotilla in Astrakhan and moving to a new location in Dagestan. The new location has yet to be officially disclosed, but Jane’s understands that it will more than likely be the town of

  • Integrated air and missile defence tested in ‘Formidable Shield 2017’

    Key Points An SM-3 Block IB missile launched from USS Donald Cook intercepted a Terrier Oriole medium-range ballistic missile target vehicle in the exo-atmosphere The MDA and the USN subsequently conducted a flight test of a SM-6 missile controlled test vehicle from USS McFaul A Standard

  • Chile to modernise Type 23 bow sonar

    The Chilean Navy is to upgrade the bow-mounted medium frequency sonar fitted to its three ex-UK Royal Navy (RN) Type 23 frigates to the Sonar 2150 standard as part of a wider modernisation programme, military sources in Santiago have told Jane's. Chile will also buy a third Sonar 2087

  • Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines launch co-ordinated air patrols over tri-border maritime region

    Key Points A co-ordinated air patrol regime involving military assets of three countries has been launched Initiative is established against efforts by Islamic state to form a stronger presence in the Southern Philippines Amid threats posed by returning Islamic State fighters from the Middle East

  • Brazilian Navy up-arms Seahawk helicopter

    The Brazilian Navy’s HS-1 ‘Guerreiro’ squadron has recently armed its SH-16 Seahawk (local designation for Sikorsky S-70B) helicopter with a light door pintle weapon system. The weapon mount from an unidentified origin is armed with the FN Herstal MAG 58M 7.62x51 mm machine gun

  • USN JSOW C-1 achieves full operational capability

    The US Navy (USN) Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) C-1 has achieved full operational capability, USN officials announced on 11 October. The JSOW C-1 is the latest variant of the AGM-154, the stalwart USN weapon. It is designed to provide fleet forces with the capability and flexibility to engage

  • Philippine Coast Guard’s sixth Parola-class vessel arrives home

    Key Points The Philippine Coast Guard has received its sixth Parola-class patrol vessel Service is on track to receive the entire class of 10 vessels by end-2018 The Philippine Coast Guard’s (PCG) sixth multirole response vessel (MRRV) has arrived in the country, the service announced on 11

  • Chile to upgrade Piloto Pardo class bridge command systems

    The Chilean Navy has awarded a contract worth USD60,000 to local firm BZ Naval Engineering for the upgrade of the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine's VisionMaster FT integrated bridge command system fitted on board its four Piloto Pardo patrol ships. The upgrade includes the replacement and

  • Malaysia selects NiDAR surveillance system for Littoral Combat Ship

    Key Points Malaysia has selected the NiDAR maritime surveillance system for its Maharaja Lela class System will enhance the platform’s ability to detect perimeter threats such as divers and small boats Malaysia has selected the NiDAR long range maritime surveillance and anti-intruder system

  • South Korea approves use of locally developed submarine combat system on KSS-3 class

    Key Points South Korea has developed an indigenous submarine combat system for its KSS-3 class Platform will also likely be used to test a number of locally developed submarine warfare systems South Korea’s Ministry of Defense has approved an early version of a locally developed submarine

  • Amphibious ships proposals for Malaysia, Philippine navies stall amid corruption investigations at PT PAL

    Key Points PT PAL’s bid to secure more international orders for its LPD-like platform hampered by ongoing corruption allegations Company calls on government to expedite legal processes against accused parties to avoid further damage to Indonesia’s defence exports Separate talks to

  • Vigor to build new US Army watercraft

    Key Points The MSV(L) will replace Vietnam-era LCM-8 landing craft The US Army plans to buy a class of 36 MSV(L) watercraft The US Army has selected Oregon-based Vigor Works to build a new fleet of watercraft to replace its outdated Vietnam-era Landing Craft Mechanized 8 (LCM-8) Mod I and Mod II

  • Pacific 2017: Ultra Electronics positions new torpedo countermeasures for SEA 1000

    Ultra Electronics is showcasing the latest models of its Defender and Deceptor series of torpedo countermeasures, with an eye on Australia’s SEA 1000 programme. The new series, which are due for commercial production in 2018, feature programmable motion and acoustic plans that can better

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