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  • PACOM commander: Rebalance to As-Pac region remains on track

    Key Points The US Department of Defense's effort to rebalance forces to Asia Pacific is on course, the senior military official for the region has said US military forces will remain deployable around the globe no matter where they are stationed, officials reiterated The US strategic shift to the

  • Russia lays keels for three nuclear subs

    Russia laid the keels of three new nuclear submarines to celebrate Russian Navy Day on 27 July. The boats laid down were the fifth Dolgoruky (Borey)-class (Project 955A) nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Knyaz Oleg and the fourth and fifth Severodvinsk (Yasen)-class nuclear-powered

  • 'RIMPAC 2014': RCN minesweeper under examination for sailor misconduct

    The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) minesweeper that was sent home from the biennial 'Rim of the Pacific' ('RIMPAC') exercise has arrived home to an examination of the circumstances surrounding its dismissal from the multinational naval drill. HMCS Whitehorse had been participating in 'RIMPAC 2014' as

  • NATO plans NASMDEF facility for soft-kill countermeasures assessment

    NATO has approved plans to acquire a new capability later this decade to evaluate the performance of 'soft-kill' countermeasures used to defend ships against anti-ship cruise missiles. The new system - to be known as the NATO Anti-Ship Missile Defensive Evaluation Facility (NASMDEF) - will form

  • RIMPAC 2014: Canada's frigate to employ 'astronavigation' on transit home from Hawaii

    The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) frigate participating in the 'Rim of the Pacific' ('RIMPAC') exercise in Hawaii is outfitted with the force's latest kit, however, the ship's crew will transit home without the benefit of relying on the new technology. Commander John K Wilson, the commanding officer of

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  • Fourth known J-20 prototype makes first flight

    The fourth known prototype of the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) J-20 fifth-generation fighter made its first flight on the morning of 26 July, according to Chinese aviation websites. According to online postings by local spotters, the prototype flew for nearly two hours after having undertaken