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  • Widening Gulf - Saudi Arabia and Qatar vie for influence

    Key Points Relations between Qatar and its Gulf partners have deteriorated in the wake of Saudi Arabia's claims about alleged Qatari support for the Muslim Brotherhood and interference in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) internal affairs. Coherence within the GCC remains a priority for Riyadh,

  • FARC peace deal likely in 2015 but organised crime gangs to proliferate in Colombia

    Key Points Presuming incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos is re-elected, a draft version of a full peace agreement with the FARC is likely by mid-2015. However, it would take most of the 2014-18 presidential term to implement the necessary economic, judicial, political, and security reforms, and

  • Country Risk Watch - April 2014

    Security crackdown will not stop anti-Maduro protests in Venezuela University students and civil society groups are likely to continue staging anti-government protests and roadblocks in Venezuela, despite incumbent president Nicolás Maduro's calls for dialogue. The protests, which Maduro has

  • Recruitment drive - Islamist groups urge India's Muslims to join jihad

    Key Points Jihadist discourse over the past year has exhorted India's sizeable Muslim population to participate in jihad, either abroad or targeting the Indian state. Despite Indian nationals' involvement in transnational terrorist plots, and a substantial indigenous insurgent campaign through the

  • Cloud cover - Jihadists' use of anonymising internet security

    Key Points There is no consensus on the extent to which the revelations by Edward Snowden have caused Islamist extremists to tighten their internet security, although many militants have been using anti-surveillance platforms since 2008. To anonymise their online activity, militants use a variety


  • Cape fears - Organised crime in South Africa

    Since the end of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has cemented its status as a regional centre for organised criminal activity. Dr Robert Besseling examines the outlook for serious crime in the country and the effectiveness of state counter-measures.
  • Widening Gulf - Saudi Arabia and Qatar vie for influence

    Saudi accusations of Qatari political interference in its neighbours' internal affairs have led to a souring of relations between the Gulf states. Ferry Biedermann examines Qatar's desire for greater regional influence and its possible effect in the wider Gulf.
  • New radicals - Buddhist-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka

    Since the end of the 26-year civil war in Sri Lanka, there has been an increase in attacks against non-Buddhists. Tom Farrell examines the rise of radical Buddhist nationalism and the perceived lack of intervention by security forces.
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  • Rafael looks at Iron Dome enhancements

    Rafael is looking at a number of enhancements to the Iron Dome missile defence system as a result of lessons learned over recent engagements, a company official told IHS Jane's in early April. Speaking at the company's facility near Haifa, its business development and marketing manager for the Air