IHS Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Colombia accelerates peace talks with FARC

    Positive negotiations between the government and the FARC signal a serious opportunity to end the 50-year insurgency. Grant Hurst examines how the peace talks are likely to affect the FARC, the smaller ELN insurgent group, and criminal groups across the country.
  • Post-election prospects for Israel look bleak

    Likud party of Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu won re-election in March amid a downturn in relations with the US. Sophie Cohen and Mohammed Najib look at the political challenges facing the Israeli government as Middle East instability continues.
  • Seoul reconsiders stance on THAAD system

    The United States has expressed its desire to deploy a new ballistic missile defence system in South Korea, drawing criticism from China. Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein looks at the implications of deploying the system for South Korea and its neighbours.
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