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  • Africa readies force to tackle continent's crises

    The African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises could become operational in 2015, but the contributing nations may not be up to the task. Robert Besseling examines the force's combat readiness and the challenges it faces that may limit its effectiveness.
  • Serbian intelligence struggles with reform

    Having not heeded the lessons learned through years of reform in Central and Eastern European intelligence agencies, Serbia faces myriad challenges to reach EU standards. Peter Trescák analyses whether Serbian services will be able to meet these challenges.
  • Chronicling the rise and fall of Mullah Zakir

    Taliban commander Mullah Zakir was promoted rapidly to a position of seniority within the group before precipitously falling from grace. From Afghanistan, Antonio Giustozzi provides a unique insight into the nature of the group's senior leadership structures.
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  • Netherlands commits to first operational F-35s

    The Netherlands announced on 15 December that it will sign a contract in April 2015 for an initial eight Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters (JSFs). In total the Netherlands is planning to buy 37 F-35s, with the first of the eight initial aircraft expected to enter service in