IHS Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Ice melt opens up increased Arctic maritime and military activity

    The prospect of global warming leading to ice-free navigation in the Arctic Ocean raises commercial opportunities as well as the risks of military conflict. Dr Jeffrey Mazo and Dr Lee Willett examine the long-term indicators of inter-state competition as Russia expands its military footprint in the region
  • China maintains contingencies for North Korean instability

    The belief that China has the ability to put decisive pressure on North Korea underpins much of the region's policymaking. Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein examines the extent to which North Korea is dependent on China in a range of areas, and assesses how the relationship is likely to evolve in future
  • Drug trafficking routes proliferate through Indian Ocean

    There has been a proliferation of drug trafficking routes identified as starting from the Makran Coast and passing through the Indian Ocean. Joanna Wright assesses the challenges facing naval and law enforcement operations aimed at interdicting the trade in the absence of seizures and court cases
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