IHS Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Russia encounters hurdles in satellite development and expansion

    Russia is working to increase the number of intelligence satellites it operates, but its fleet remains small and increasingly outdated. Bart Hendrickx examines the status of Russia's satellite intelligence capabilities and considers the outlook for future programmes
  • French counter-terrorism reforms make headway

    Security was a central issue in France's presidential election. As new president Emmanuel Macron, who took office on 14 May, pledges to increase the effectiveness of the security services, Kit Nicholl explores three scenarios for the evolution of French counter-terrorism strategy
  • US strike fails to stem CW use in Syria

    The United States responded to the use of sarin in Syria with a cruise missile strike on Shayrat Air Base. Geoffrey Chapman and Alessandra Giovanzanti assess the possible impact of future chemical attacks by the Syrian government and likely international responses
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  • New Russian BMPT variant displayed in Syria

    A previously unseen version of the UralVagonZavod (UVZ) BMPT tank support combat vehicle was displayed for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad when he visited the main Russian airbase in his country on 27 June. The original BMPT Terminator was developed for the Russian Army to protect its main battle