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  • Caliphate question - Islamic State's impact on the jihadist community

    Key Points The formation of the Islamic State threatens Al-Qaeda's hegemony within the global jihadist community and shuts Al-Qaeda out of key jihadist battlefields, creating rivalry for recruits, funding, and territory. A sophisticated online media strategy underpins the Islamic State's success,

  • Country Risk Watch - July 2014

    ISIL likely to keep control of Iraq's second city as its capabilities rise The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency in Mosul, Nineveh province, on 10 June in response to the takeover of the city by militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). ISIL captured the city,

  • Strong constitution - Japan looks to reset its policy on self-defence

    Key Points The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to reinterpret the Constitution of Japan to allow the military to help an ally under attack. Constitutional reinterpretation is one of a number of wide-ranging changes to Japan's military and strategic posture that focus on the

  • UPDATE: Striking distance - Increasing attacks on Israel's northern border

    Key Points An Israeli air strike in February against a Hizbullah target on Lebanese territory spurred the Lebanese Shia group to launch its first direct, albeit unclaimed, attacks against the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) since the end of the July-August 2006 war. Hizbullah has chosen the Golan

  • Widening Gulf - Saudi Arabia and Qatar vie for influence

    Key Points Relations between Qatar and its Gulf partners have deteriorated in the wake of Saudi Arabia's claims about alleged Qatari support for the Muslim Brotherhood and interference in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) internal affairs. Coherence within the GCC remains a priority for Riyadh,

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