IHS Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Crypto-drug markets adapt to law enforcement intervention

    Crypto-drug markets are readily accessible on the dark net for purchases of controlled substances. Dave Bewley-Taylor examines how law enforcement challenges can be balanced with potential benefits such as identification of harmful substances and the phenomena of markets' self-disruption
  • Insurgent threats intensify in Egypt

    The Islamic State's Egyptian affiliate Wilayat Sinai has maintained a steady tempo of attacks and expanded beyond the Sinai Peninsula. Michael Horton analyses the government's strategy for combating the group and other gathering insurgent challenges
  • Webcams support open-source analysis

    The availability of openly accessible webcams in many parts of the world has opened up new channels of information for open-source analysts to explore. Tony Roper examines the value and limitations of the structured monitoring of webcams as a source of timely visual intelligence on secure facilities
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