IHS Jane's Intelligence Review


  • Islamic State returnees pose threat to Europe

    The Islamic State is under intense territorial pressure in its former strongholds. James Blake and Brooks Tigner assess the outlook for foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria returning to their home countries, and analyse the likely impact on terrorism threat levels in European cities.
  • Hizbullah's expanded role in Syria threatens Israel

    Hizbullah's role in the Syrian war and its presence in Iraq and Yemen have made the militant group into a regional military actor. Nicholas Blanford explains the likelihood of the organisation deploying new capabilities that it has learned in Syria in a future war with Israel
  • North Korea ups pace of ballistic missile launches

    North Korea has conducted more ballistic missile launches since 2011 than it did in the previous two decades under Kim Jong-il. Nick Hansen surveys the country's ballistic missile programme and analyses the possible motivations for its acceleration
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