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  • Roketsan: Aiming High in the Pursuit of Precision

    Turkey’s missile specialist offers a wide-ranging portfolio of precision-guided armament with applications in air, land and sea domains, including growing families of air-launched weapons for both manned and unmanned platforms, and guided artillery systems

  • Ares Shipyard: Ensuring Security At Sea

    Turkey’s ARES Shipyard has built up in a little over 10 years to become the country’s largest exporter of military vessels, employing the latest technology in both construction techniques and design.

  • Nimr : Gaining The Advantage:The Evolution of Nimr's Tactical Ground Vehicles

    NIMR is positioning itself to satisfy ever-increasing requirements from armed forces seeking to undertake a wide range of operations including conventional and unconventional warfare; counter- terrorism; peace stability operations; and humanitarian aid/disaster relief.

  • CMI Defence: 200 years of unparalleled experience, superior performance

    Celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2017, CMI Defence is a world-leader in vehicle turret and armament technology. The company’s Cockerill range of turrets includes the 3000 Series, the world’s first modular turret system.

  • AMD: Supporting the South African Defence Industry

    In celebrating its 25th anniversary, the South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industry Association (AMD), now representing 90 per cent of the country's defence companies, continues to provide support for the industry to grow in a sustainable manner.

  • ST Engineering & ST Kinetics Land Systems: Full Spectrum Solutions for the Digitised Battlespace

    This year, ST Engineering turns 50. It celebrates ve decades of growth, from its beginnings as an ammunition manufacturer to being a global defence and engineering group. Driven by the Group’s philosophy for innovation, agility and creativity, its land systems arm, STKinetics, continues to adapt to a rapidly evolving operating environment by offering armed forces around the world a holistic solution designed to support the mounted and dismounted soldier across an increasingly digitised battlespace.

  • BAE Systems : Providing an essential edge in land equipment and support

    The Contemporary Operating Environment is challenging ground forces with a congested, contested and confined battlespace. BAE Systems’ Land (UK) business continues to satisfy both high levels of demand in the domestic market but also growing opportunities across the international community.

  • Northrop Grumman : Undersea dominance through collaborative C3

    Achieving and maintaining dominance in the underwater domain is no easy task, and it is the oldest underwater weapon – the sea mine - that today constitutes the most likely threat.  Northrop Grumman’s interoperable command control and communications (C3) framework serves as an essential enabler for undersea dominance.

  • Rafael : Covering all angles: Modular, scalable and cost-effective solutions for Latin America

    With multiple state actors across the Continent having already initiated the process of restructuring and modernisation in order to meet new challenges and threats, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is focusing on requirements from air forces and armies with particular emphasis on Air-to-Air missiles; Air Defense systems; and C4ISTAR technology.

  • General Atomics Aeronautical : Multi-Role, Multi-Mission:  Single Solution

    The Certifiable Predator B ®(CPB) class of Remotely Piloted Aircraft systems (RPAS) has been optimized for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) through the development of the SkyGuardian™ and SeaGuardian™ to support a variety of military and non-military requirements.  

  • Airbus : SERO 250:The optimal periscope retrofit solution

    Chosen by four navies for their Class 209 submarine upgrades, the SERO 250 periscope to meet 21st century above water visual system requirements. As well as introducing an ‘all light/all weather’ capability, the modular design of SERO 250 delivers significant through-life cost benefits through improved supportability and rationalised logistics.

  • SRC: Redefining Possible for Warfighters in the Contemporary Operating Environment

    With a portfolio of systems already in service with US and coalition armed forces worldwide, not-for-profit defence company SRC continues to support warfighters with a breadth of solutions covering CBRN detection; Counterfire radars; Counter-UAS technology; and Ground/Perimeter Surveillance Radars.

  • Airbus - 30 years of airborne ISTAR solutions

    The modern battlespace remains a highly complex, congested and contested environment which continues to evolve and stretch the capabilities of armed forces operating within it.

  • Elbit Systems: Holistic solutions for an evolving operating environment

    The modern operating environment continues to challenge even the most advanced armed forces across the Globe with the proliferation of a hybrid mix of low and high intensity conflict.

  • NIMR - Conquering the Elements

    NIMR's next generation of tactical ground vehicles: NIMR Automotive continues to focus on the design, development and delivery of tactical ground vehicles to armed forces with emphasis on protection and mobility.

  • DCNS: Your Strategic Naval Partner

    DCNS continues to satisfy domestic and international defence programmes with emphasis on indigenous industrial partnerships, international interoperability and consideration of future renewable energy resources.

  • General Atomics - The sky's [not] the limit

    General Atomics Aeronautical continues to push RPAS boundaries

  • QinetiQ - International Mission Systems

    QinetiQ is able to offer a unique set of services and solutions to meet the wider maritime mission system needs of the world's navies.

  • Stacking up: IWI’s small arms solutions

    Israel Weapon Industries is promoting its armoury of tactical weapon systems designed for next generation war fighting capabilities with particular focus on environmental extremes and complex concepts of operation.

  • Celebrating 40 years of ASELSAN

    On 14th November 2015, ASELSAN celebrated its 40th anniversary and four decades on, the company remains fiercely committed to continuing its work towards maintaining Turkey’s technological independence.