• NORINCO develops 76.2 mm mobile air-defence system

    China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has released details of its latest 76.2 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG), which is designated as the SA2. The SA2 is mounted on a 6x6 cross-country truck chassis that is also used for a number other applications developed by Chinese defence

  • Picatinny Arsenal advances M777 extended range howitzer

    Picatinny Arsenal engineers are progressing work with their M777 extended range (ER) howitzer, based on the 155 mm M777 towed artillery system, and expect to soon test the weapon with new ammunition. Test firings in November 2016 helped advance the M777ER programme that officials hope can

  • IDEX 2017: Burevestnik unveils new 30 mm remotely operated turret

    Russian company Burevestnik displayed its 30 mm remotely operated turret for the first time at the IDEX show held in Abu Dhabi. A Burevestnik representative told Jane's that the turret was developed to meet a Russian army requirement for a weapon station that can be fitted to a 4x4 version of the

  • IDEX 2017: China develops SR7 rocket launcher

    China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has expanded its family of multiple-rocket launchers (MRLs) with the development of the SR7. The SR7 is a lightweight system that is based on a 6x6 cross-country chassis and is intended to have a high level of mobility; the vehicle features a protected

  • Aero India 2017: Russia completes final qualification trials for 6G27 Balkan AGL

    Russia's State Research and Production Enterprise (GNPP) Pribor, a subsidiary of TekhMash Concern, has completed state qualification trials of the 40 mm 6G27 Balkan, and deliveries are due to begin imminently, according to the company. "The 40 mm 6G27 Balkan automatic grenade launcher (AGL) is

  • Aero India 2017: BEL details RCWS for Arjun Mk II

    India's Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) showcased a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) that it developed for the Arjun Mk II main battle tank (MBT) at Aero India 2017. The RCWS is armed with the 12.7 mm Russian NSVT heavy machine gun (MG), but other weapons can also be fitted, such as a 7.62

  • Heckler & Koch unveils HK433 modular assault rifle

    German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch has unveiled a modular rifle, the HK433, chambered in 5.56x45 mm. It will be proposed to the Bundeswehr as a replacement for the currently issued G36 rifle. This is the fourth rifle family being offered by the Oberndorf-based manufacturer after the

  • US Army's MCoE evaluates disposable SLIM solution

    Key Points SLIM is intended as a potential solution for the US Army's prospective Individual Assault Munition requirement Calibre and TRL status has not been disclosed The US Army's Maneuver Centre of Excellence (MCoE) is evaluating a new disposable shoulder-launched rocket concept as one of the

  • Poland buys new Piorun MANPADS

    Key Points Polish Armed Forces to acquire 1300 Piorun/Grom-M systems by 2022 Additional systems to be purchased for qualification and acceptance trials Poland's Armament Inspectorate has signed a six-year PLN932.2 million (USD232.7 million) contract with Mesko (part of PGZ, the Polish Armaments

  • US Army details new modular handgun based on Sig Sauer P320

    The US Army has confirmed that its new XM17 handgun is to be a 9 mm Sig Sauer model P320 and the contract allows the government to buy Sig Sauer's proposed XM1152 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and XM1153 Special Purpose (SP) ammunition and training rounds. The long-running XM17 Modular Handgun System

  • Rafael reveals Spike SR details

    Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has provided IHS Jane's with additional details on its Spike Short Range (SR) infantry missile system, which it demonstrated for 15 international delegations in December 2016. "We believe the Spike SR is the lightest, smallest, most cost-effective, and

  • US Army selects Sig Sauer for new XM17 Modular Handgun System

    Sig Sauer has been awarded the long-running XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) contract for replacing legacy 9 mm M9 Beretta pistols, the US Army announced on 19 January. It is understood that Sig Sauer bested bids from Beretta, FN Herstal, and Glock, after Smith & Wesson and partner General

  • Germany seeks new special forces assault rifle

    Germany's special forces are seeking new assault rifles, with the German defence procurement office issuing a tender for their purchase. According to the tender issued by the BAAINBw, Germany is interesting in purchasing 1,750 rifles in total. The new rifle is expected to replace the G36 rifles

  • Turkish Army receives first 500 MPT-76 rifles

    Turkey's state-owned Machines and Chemical Industries Board (MKEK) delivered on 11 January the first 500 serially-produced MPT-76 battle rifles to the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC). The rifles delivered on 11 January are the first batch from a 2015 deal which will see the production of around

  • Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher unveil RS556 assault rifle

    Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher have partnered to offer the RS556 assault rifle in 5.56 x 45 mm to the Bundeswehr as a potential replacement for the service's G36 standard issue rifle. The RS556 (RS stands for Rheinmetall Steyr in 5.56 mm calibre) is a derivative of the AR-15 and a variant of

  • Poland buys TRG M10 sniper rifles

    The Polish Armed Forces have bought 150 SAKO TRG M10 bolt-action sniper rifles. The PLN32.9 million (USD7.8 million) deal will see the TRG M10 become the Polish Armed Forces' first precision rifle chambered in the 8.6x70 mm (.338 LM) cartridge. The rifles will be delivered through IBCOL Polska.

  • UPDATE: IA issues RFI for 36,000 night sights for general purpose machine guns

    The Indian Army (IA) is looking to procure night sights to equip its 36,000-odd FN MAG 58-based 7.62x51 mm calibre 2A1 general purpose machine guns (GPMGs). A request for information (RFI) issued on 9 December asks companies to submit data by 16 February about available designs for 26,000 night

  • Bahrain identified as EIMOS mortar user

    The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) is the previously unidentified country that acquired the EXPAL EIMOS 81 mm integrated mortar system, a photograph released by the Egyptian military on 19 December has confirmed. An EIMOS system mounted on a URO VAMTAC ST5 vehicle could be seen in the background of

  • Indian Army seeks new sniper rifle

    The Indian Army's Infantry Directorate has published a request for information (RFI) for a new sniper rifle. The service plans to acquire 5,000 bolt-action sniper rifles chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum, with a requirement for the rifle to be capable of operation in environments to include high

  • Patria develops containerised mortar system

    Patria has developed a containerised system for its 120 mm Nemo mortar turret, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy to be the launch customer. The Nemo Container system sees a 120 mm Nemo mortar turret integrated in a 20-ft International Standards Organization (ISO) shipping container. The

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