• NCSIST develops 20 mm close-defence system

    Taiwan's National Chung - Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) has released details of its Short-Range Automated Defense Weapon System (SADWS). Officials of the NCSIST declined to say whether the system is deployed by the country's military, but images released show SADWS installed

  • Teber-30 turret readies for trials

    FNSS Savunma Sistemleri has completed the first example of the latest version of the Teber-30 medium calibre two-person turret. Teber-30 - Battle Axe 30 mm - has been developed using internal research and development funding, as there is a clear trend for customers to require turrets with a calibre

  • IDEF 2017: MKEK unveils new rifles at IDEF

    Turkey's state-own Machines and Chemical Industries Board (MKEK) presented a number of new small arms system at the IDEF 2017 defence exhibition in Istanbul this month. The company extended the line of the MPT-76 National Infantry Rifle, chambered for the 7.62x51 mm NATO round, by introducing a

  • IDEF 2017: Turkey develops wheeled 155 mm self-propelled artillery system

    Aselsan and the Army GeneraláDirectorateáof Military Factory - or Askeri Fabrikalar Genel Mudurlugu (AFGM) - have developed a self-propelled (SP) artillery system called the Kamyona Monteli Obius (KMO) to meet a potential requirement by the Turkish Army. The KMO is essentially a 6x6

  • IMI to unveil C-Lynx lightweight multiple rocket launcher

    Israel Military Industries (IMI) Systems will officially unveil a new vehicle-based light rocket launching system called the C-Lynx on 15 May. The system has eight launch tubes and advanced navigation and command-and-control systems that allow it to "provide fire response immediately according

  • IDEF 2017: Boran lightweight towed howitzer nears qualification

    The Turkish company of Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu (MKEK) has completed two prototypes of its 105 mm Boran Air Transportable Light Towed Howitzer (ATLTH), which it is developing to meet the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC). According to MKEK qualification trials will

  • IDEF 2017: Aselsan develops new 120 mm mortar system

    Aselsan has unveiled a new 120 mm rifled mortar system called the AHS-120 at the IDEF 2017 exhibition in Istanbul. The first example is fitted with a 120 mm rifled barrel with an overall length of 1.9 m, which has been supplied by MKEK. This type is already in use by the Turkish Land Forces Command

  • Diehl advances fire on-the-move capability for IRIS-T-SLS

    Diehl Defence is evolving a fire on-the-move capability for the IRIS-T-SLS (Surface Launched Short Range) mobile air-defence interceptor system. IRIS-T-SLS uses an unaltered IRIS-T (Infra Red Imaging System - Tail/Thrust vector-controlled) air-to-air missile. The interceptor is fired vertically

  • IDEF 2017: Details of anti-tank SARP variant emerge

    Aselsan has developed a new variant of its Stabilised Remote Weapon Station (SARP), detailing the system at the IDEF 2017 defence exhibition in Istanbul. Incorporating an anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW), the SARP-Anti Tank variant builds on the baseline SARP. The SARP-Anti Tank is similar in

  • IDEF 2017: Turkey's TAI signs deal for serial production of Hürkus-C light attack aircraft

    Turkey's Defence Industries Undersecretariat has signed an agreement with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the development and serial production of the Hürkus-C light attack aircraft, according to a statement issued by TAI. The deal, which involves the production of 12 Hürkus-Cs and

  • Pantsir-SA firing tests to start in June

    Firing trials of Russia's new Arctic Pantsir-SA surface-to-air missile (SAM) system will begin in June, a source in the Russian defence industry has told Jane's . "Two [Pantsir-SA] systems will be deployed at a test range for firing trials after their demonstration at the Victory Day 9 May

  • First Portuguese Super Lynx to begin modernisation

    The first of five AgustaWestland Super Lynx Mk 95 helicopters operated by the Portuguese Navy will be delivered to Leonardo Helicopters' Yeovil facility in the United Kingdom in June to begin its comprehensive modernisation programme. Work on all five units will be completed under a EUR69 million

  • IDEF 2017: Roketsan highlights weapon integration efforts

    Turkey's Roketsan has integrated the company's OMTAS anti-tank missile system onto Otokar's Arma 6x6 armoured combat vehicle, building on the news that OMTAS will be an option to equip Turkey's new generation of tracked and wheeled weapon carrier vehicles. Additionally, the company has integrated

  • Russia develops advanced air-bursting ammunition

    Details have emerged of advanced ammunition natures under development for the Russian military's in-service 30 mm and future 57 mm medium calibre cannon. The types include high explosive air-bursting (HEAB) - commonly referred to in the West as an Air-Bursting Munition (ABM) - for both calibres and

  • IDEF 2017: Aselsan unveils new unmanned turret

    Turkey's Aselsan has unveiled a new unmanned turret at the IDEF'17 defence exhibition in Istanbul. Developed as a private venture, the company is marketing the turret, known as the Nefer, as an upgrade option for armoured fighting vehicles. Nefer is a gyro-stabilised unmanned turret capable of

  • Rosgvardiya buys EUR1 million worth of SMGs, grenade launchers

    Russia's National Guard Troops (Rosgvardiya), created in April 2016, signed agreements on 4 May valued at EUR1 million (USD1.1 million) with JSC Kalashnikov for more than 1,000 Vityaz-SN 9x19 mm submachine guns (SMGs) and 250 GP-34 under-slung grenade launchers. The Rosgvardiya incorporates in a

  • Agni 2 trial fails - again

    A user-trial of India's nuclear-capable two-stage Agni 2 medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) from Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha on 4 May was unsuccessful, according to official Indian defence sources. Conducted by India's Strategic Forces Command (SFC), the Defence Research and Development

  • France receives first HK416F rifles

    The French Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 3 May that the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) has received the first batch of 400 HK416F assault rifles. The 5.56 mm HK416F rifle was selected in March 2016 as the winner of the Future Individual Weapon (AIF) to replace the 400,000 FAMAS

  • Brazilian Army eyes new mobile mortar system

    The Brazilian Army is expected to launch a competition to buy a 120 mm vehicle-mounted mortar system for its Iveco VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 mortar carrier variant, officials told Jane's . The army's Manufacturing Directorate of the Department of Science and Technology is now outlining the system's

  • Azerbaijan receives upgraded Buk systems equipped with Russian interceptors

    Azerbaijan continues to receive Russian-made surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) for its upgraded Buk-MB SAM systems, according to a representative of Belarussia's OKB TSP company, which is upgrading the 9K37 Buk (US Department of Defense designation/ NATO reporting name: SA-11'Gadfly') to Buk-MB

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